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Chapter 3021 Join Hands (3)

As expected, the two demon tribe practitioners hesitated for mere moments and then responded!

“Damnit, that human fellow must have regained consciousness and escaped!”

“How Is that possible? When one lands on the Toxic Swamp, there is a 99% chance of caving into it. Let’s not forget that this swamp often gives off ptomaine. Humans can’t take that poisonous qi at all!”

“Since this person escaped, doesn’t it show that his innate talent is really not bad? We must quickly find him!”

The two quickly reached a consensus and started to search around the surroundings.

From this stance, it wouldn’t take long for them to find Huang Yueli’s hiding place.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but frown. Turning around to take a look, she tried to find a route which she could secretly escape.

But unfortunately, behind her was a vast, dark forest. There was no way to see the situation clearly.

Furthermore, Huang Yueli was unfamiliar with this. She was worried that there would be other demon tribe practitioners around. For a moment, she didn’t know where she could escape to.

Just as she was hesitating, a familiar voice suddenly rang from her back.

“Quick, follow me!”

Huang Yueli abruptly turned back and saw a familiar person. It was the human Spiritual Alchemist that she met in the light sphere.

This person was well-dressed when they were teleporting. He looked like a rich, young master who was particular about his dressing. But after experiencing several near-death situations, his image was rather disheveled. There were bruises on his face and his clothes were very crumpled. The stench on him was comparable to Huang Yueli’s.

“Don’t go into a daze. Quickly follow me! Hurry!” The Spiritual Alchemist urged.

Huang Yueli instantly followed behind him.

No matter what, this person was a human, and he looked much more reliable than those two demon tribe practitioners.

Alas, while they were slowly moving, the demon tribe practitioners had already chased up onto them.

“There’s someone here! I have already caught a whiff of their scents!”

“That’s right, that’s the smell of the ptomaine from the Toxic Swamp!”

As they spoke, they quickly headed towards the target and ran towards them!

The human Spiritual Alchemist couldn’t help but curse. “Damn it! The demon tribe indeed are abnormal beings. Their sense of smell is so acute, they’re just like dogs!”

The two of them didn’t expect the remnant smell on them to expose their whereabouts.

“Human, stop running! You’re already on our demon tribe’s turf, and you’re still thinking of escaping? You’d better surrender obediently. At least you will suffer a little less!”

“Tsk tsk, there are actually two living beings! That’s great, let’s catch both of them! This is a surprise reap!”

The demon tribe practitioners revealed malicious smiles and hurriedly chased after the two of them.

The Spiritual Alchemist had gained some basic understanding of the forest’s topography and led Huang Yueli to weave through the forest, trying to shake off those two pursuers.

But the demon tribe practitioners’ speed was extremely swift. Moreover, they had a natural in-born innate talent where their vision remained clear in dim or total dark situations. This was something that Huang Yueli and the other human could not match.

Seeing the pursuers closing into them, Huang Yueli simply stopped.

“Alright, let’s stop running since we can’t outrun them anyway! I think your cultivation’s not too weak as well. Why don’t we join hands and kill them!”

The human Spiritual Alchemist was stunned but instantly smiled.

“Great, just what I was thinking! Let’s show them how powerful humans can be!”