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Chapter 3007 Have Never Succeeded Before (3)

But that human soldier was scared out of his wits from seeing this.

“This…. who on earth is this person? Why is his power so abnormally strong?”

“He looks at most like he’s in his twenties. That ageless handsome face makes him look like a Young Master who relies on his family.”

“How would anyone know that he had such astonishing might from such a casual move…”

“If I had stood slightly to the side, I might be dead right now.”

Thinking of this, the human soldier’s back was drenched in cold sweat and a moment of fear in his heart arose.

Luckily, he was smart and made a wise decision to not go against this Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Master…

Li Moying vented his frustration recklessly and the guards saw his extremely cold gaze, then they felt fearful and worried.

Li Tian Yi braced himself and walked up. “Young Master, you… you need not be too anxious. We can’t be sure of anything right now. It has not been confirmed that Young Miss Huang is definitely in the batch of practitioners that have teleported from Flame Square City! Moreover, Young Miss Huang’s innate talent is so high. Even if she met with danger, she would probably have a way to escape unscathed…”


He racked his brains to say some comforting words.

But Li Tian Yi knew how nonsensical his words sounded!

It would take several days to activate a teleportation array.

It would be strange if Huang Yueli was not among those practitioners who had teleported from Flame Square City!

In reality, Li Moying totally wasn’t paying attention to what Li Tian Yi was saying. He stared coldly at the human soldier and continued to interrogate him, “Where are you going to save them? Bring me there immediately!”

The human soldier was scared out of his wits and didn’t dare say anything much. He hurriedly nodded in response and ran in the direction where the other soldiers had headed.

Li Moying turned and followed tightly behind


Li Tian Yi and the others exchanged glances and did not dare say anything else. All of them had grave expressions on their faces and silently followed them.

The human soldier ran madly. As he ran, sweat drenched his entire back.

The reason for that was because Li Moying was running beside him in an unhurried manner. He would also occasionally shoot a disdainful gaze at him, as though he was slighting him for running too slowly!

He swore that within his team, he had always been placed in charge of surveillance. His body movement was the fastest among all the team members. But as compared to Li Moying, this speed was no different from a tortoise crawling.

Li Moying was burning with anxiety, and he couldn’t wish for anything more than to install a pair of wings and fly to the destination.

But he also knew that even if he killed this human practitioner, the other party was not able to run any faster.

Hence, he could only force himself to endure.

The human practitioner felt extremely anxious.

He suffered an extremely huge psychological pressure with Li Moying staring so hard at him!

From the anxious look that this Cloudy Qilin clan practitioner was showing, he guessed that his relatives or friends should be among the practitioners who teleported from Flame Square City. That was why this Young Master was so anxious, forcing him to lead them to save those practitioners!

But this wasn’t the first time the human practitioner had executed this kind of mission. He knew clearly that even if Li Moying managed to reach the rescue site, he would most likely be disappointed.

The demon tribe had always been vicious and brutal. Since they’ve attacked the teleportation light sphere, they would surely kill all the practitioners who fell from it, not letting anyone go! In reality, it was just a formality for them to rush over to save them.