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Chapter 3008 Have Never Succeeded Before (4)

There had never been a practitioner whom they had successfully rescued before this!

Li Moying and the others followed the practitioner for a long time and finally reached the location where the light sphere had dropped. The location of the teleportation light sphere was generally not confirmed. As for this time, the light sphere in which Huang Yueli and the others were in was found to be at the top of a forest outside the southern walls of Blessed City. At this moment, the entire region was shrouded in demonic qi. The air radiated a dangerous and suppressive aura, making one unable to breathe.

When the human soldier just arrived, he was berated badly by the team leader.

“Where did you run off to? How dare you drop out of the team in the middle of a mission? Can you be more responsible? If I find that you are not abiding by the military order, don’t blame me for punishing you according to the martial law!”

The human soldier hurriedly apologized. He wanted to cry but had no tears

Just at this moment, Li Moying had already dashed in. With a grave expression, he asked, “Which place did the practitioners from Flame Square City fall? How is the progress of the search? How many people have you found?”

The team leader was stunned to see an unfamiliar figure appearing.

For an instance, he was struck in awe by Li Moying’s high and mighty aura. He thought that an important figure from the military had arrived, and he felt extremely tense.

When he took a look, he discovered that Li Moying and his guards did not wear any shoulder ranks, and they were not people from the military at all.

In this way, the team leader no longer acted courteously. He frowned and questioned back, “Who are you guys? We are soldiers who are executing our military orders. Outsiders have no right to interfere! So what if you’re from one of the god clans?”.

Li Moying’s brows twitched. Before he could say anything, Li Tian Yi had already shot up like an arrow, placing his dagger on the team leader’s neck.

“Stop with your gibberish. Is our Young Master’s name something that you can ask? Answer the questions if you want to live! How’s the rescue situation going on? Where are those people who you have saved? Quickly speak! If the rescue operation is delayed, we have plenty of ways to deal with you!”

Li Tian Yi made his move first because he was worried that Li Moying would really go on a killing spree while he was anxious. If he could get more information out of him, Li Moying wouldn’t need to do it personally and he need not worry about the latter losing control.

The team leader didn’t expect these few young god clan disciples to be so savage. Moreover, their abilities were so strong. As a team leader, his ability among the human soldiers was already not bad. But he wasn’t even able to take one move by a guard! Li Tian Yi saw his hesitation and pushed his dagger forward, making a slight cut on his neck.

The team leader shivered. “You… Who are you guys? What… what on earth do you want? I’m telling you, even if I die, I will not betray the humans!”

Soldiers who had experienced the war had their bottom line. They would rather die than betray the Human Race.

Li Tian Er saw that and hurriedly stopped Li Tian Yi. “Alright, alright, we didn’t ask you to betray the human race! A friend of ours is among the practitioners who teleported from Flame Square City. He has been attacked by the demon tribe so our Young Master is especially anxious. That’s why he was a little too rash. I’m really sorry… If it’s possible, can you please tell me what is the progress of the rescue mission?”

Li Tian Er was rather polite but Li Tian Yi’s dagger was still placed on his neck.