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Chapter 3006 Have Never Succeeded Before (2)

Li Tian Yi and the others realized that something was amiss, so they hurriedly ran over and stopped one of the soldiers to ask.

“May I ask what happened earlier? Why was there an explosion in the skies above Blessed City?”

The soldier was evidently very anxious, and his face was filled with impatience. When he saw the few men dressed luxuriously and moreover as they were all part of the ancient god clans, he merely gave a brief answer. “There’s trouble! The teleportation node in Blessed City had been intercepted and attacked by the demon tribe! Those few important people from Empyrean Fox Clans were supposed to arrive today. But they fell from mid-air and are now missing when they were attacked by the demon tribe. We’re rushing over there now! Alright, if there’s nothing much, you commoners shouldn’t be running about. If the demon tribe charges into the city, the streets will be very unsafe!”

He swiftly finished what he had to say and immediately turned and ran off to catch up with his troop.

Li Tian Yi’s heart thumped hard as he turned to take a look at his Young Master.

As expected, Li Moying’s expression instantly went pale and the bitter glint in his eyes abruptly appeared! That gentle and anticipative gaze which he showed while waiting for Huang Yueli to arrive had completely disappeared.

He ran upward and personally stopped the departing soldier and asked in a gloomy voice, “The teleportation node had been attacked? Where did those missing people teleport from?”

“This is a military secret, why should I tell you? I’m on my way to execute my line of duty, Quickly make…”

The soldier spoke frustratedly in the middle of his sentence and abruptly stopped.

The young man dressed in Cloudy Qilin Clan’s clothing gave off an extremely powerful aura!

Even though he was a veteran in war, the man standing in front made him terrified. Even his legs had gone soft.

“I’ll ask you one more time. Which city did those missing people teleport from?”

Li Moying’s voice was considered stable, but Li Tian Yi and the other guards who were close to him could tell that he was on the verge of losing control.

If this soldier still didn’t explain it clearly, he would probably be swallowed by Li Moying’s fury! Even though this military ground was Blessed City, and if Li Moying were to kill the active-duty soldiers, it would be a very troublesome matter. But Li Tian Yi and the others didn’t dare to step up to stop him at all!

Only they knew how terrifying Li Moying would become when things were related to Huang Yueli!

They didn’t want to die for some absurd reason and could only pray silently that the human soldier would understand the situation and not dig his own grave…

Luckily, the human soldier wasn’t slow-witted, and he felt a great wave of crisis. So it led him to make a wise decision.

He lowered his head and reported softly, “This… I’m not too sure. There are a few batches of practitioners who had been attacked. I heard from our team leader that there are some practitioners from the Great Whale Island of the Veracious Wyvern Continent, and some from the White Tiger Continent’s Clear Moon City. Oh, and there’s also someone from Sacred Phoenix Continent’s Flame Square City…”

When he mentioned “Flame Square City”, Li Tian Yi knew that things were going to be terrible.

As expected, when Li Moying heard that, his originally suppressed rage and anxiety instantly exploded.

His right arm lifted, and a burst of Profound Energy burst out!

A loud “boom” and an eye-piercing electric current crashed on the ground. A deep pit instantly appeared on the streets!

Luckily, there were very few pedestrians who were on the streets. The soldiers had also left, so no one was dead or injured.