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Chapter 2977 So Impressive (3)

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“Li Yuehuang, This Lady was troubled over the fact that I couldn’t find you, and here you are! It’s just nice, you’re digging your grave on your own!”

Huang Yueli met Li Leyun’s jealous and hateful gaze with a composed look.

Her lips curled slightly. “Young Miss Le, wow! You’re indeed a mid rank Spiritual Armament Master, you’re so impressive! Even when you stumbled and fell, you also need to

blame it on other people. I was just finding it strange. A mid rank Spiritual Armament Master should at least be in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase, isn’t it? Why can’t you

even walk properly? There aren’t any holes on the ground, how did you even fall? Even a three-year-old child is better than you!”


When Huang Yueli said those sarcastic words, someone among the crowd instantly burst out into laughter!

It was because what she said was spot on! This matter was simply too amusing!

All the citizens in God Realm were practitioners and their balancing ability was something that Lower Realm ordinary people could not compare with. It was really rare for

someone to fall while walking.

If one fell accidentally, one would naturally blame themselves for failing to look carefully. Who would even blame the guards for not holding on to her?

“What’s the matter with this Spiritual Armament Master? Could there be a problem with her legs?”

“Who knows? She seems to be on familiar terms with that young man, perhaps she intentionally fell on him?”

“Hmm, what you said might be possible…”

Hearing those various ridiculous deductions from the bystanders, Li Leyun’s face flushed into a beetroot shade!

Someone actually compared her with this country bumpkin! It was simply the greatest insult to her.

She, Li Leyun, was to marry a peerless top exponent like Li Moying. This fella couldn’t even be compared to Li Moying’s finger!

Li Leyun jumped up in exasperation and flicked her whip towards the top of Huang Yueli’s head without any warning!

When Huang Yueli saw that, she squinted her eyes, and a cold intent flashed past.

Originally, she had no intention to clash with Li Leyun. After all, she was rushed for time and didn’t want to care about other people’s matters. Even when Li Leyun spoke

rudely, she was too lazy to rebuke her.

Whoever knew that this woman could not tell good from bad and even wanted to hit her!

Huang Yueli wondered which clan nurtured Li Leyun to become so arrogant and wilful!

At this moment, Li Leyun’s whip, which was flowed along with the wind, was about to land on Huang Yueli.

“Heavens! How could this woman be so vicious!”

“This buddy, be careful!”

“Quick, move aside!”

Li Leyun’s move blinded the entire group of bystanders.

Dream Profound Realm mid-phase cultivation was considered as top rated among the younger generation, moreover for ordinary citizens?

Everyone thought that the slim Huang Yueli would be seriously injured under this powerful attack.

Li Leyun naturally also thought so. She saw Huang Yueli standing still without even trying to hide and assumed that she was too shocked to move.

“A trash like you dares to go against This Lady?” She laughed sinisterly and increased the strength in her hand!

But whoever knew, the whip had landed halfway and stopped.

o matter how hard Li Leyun tried, it stopped in mid-air.

“Damn it, what’s going on!”

Li Leyun lifted her head in exasperation, only to realize the tail of the whip was held firmly in Huang Yueli’s palm.

That pair of hands were slender and beautiful, simply no different from a lady’s hand..