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Chapter 3003 Who Will Die at the End (3)

However, Huang Yueli’s attack wasn’t directed at those four Empyrean Fox Clan’s practitioners. All her Profound Energy struck heavily on the surface of the light sphere!

Not only her, but the human Spiritual Alchemist’s attack target was also the light sphere!

Both of them struck out abruptly, and there was no need to talk about Huang Yueli’s ability. However, the Spiritual Alchemist’s strong attack was out of her expectations. From the looks of it, it seemed that there was no difference between the two of them!

“Looks like this fellow indeed isn’t as simple as he looks…” This thought flashed past Huang Yueli’s mind.

While the two of them were attacking, the demon tribe’s attacks on the exterior showed no sign of weakening.

Under both internal and external attacks, an evident crack finally appeared on the light sphere…

The Empyrean Fox Clan’s practitioners didn’t expect these two humans to disregard their own safety and risked everything they had to attack the light sphere while defending against them!

This light sphere was the only barrier they had to protect them!

“Shouldn’t we be risking everything we have to protect the light sphere? How could anyone even try to attack it?”

For an instance, the four men from the Empyrean Fox Clan were still in a daze.

“Oh no, these two humans are simply too sinister! They are trying to scheme on us and use us to be their shield!”

Old dogs hunted the best. The elderly leader was the first to react.

The Empyrean Fox Clan’s practitioners’ expressions changed and they finally understood what was going on.

“Damn it! How could there be such shameless people!”

“Don’t they feel shameful?”

“All of us inside the light sphere are comrades. But someone actually tried to use their comrades as a shield! They’re simply too despicable!”

The Empyrean Fox Clan’s practitioners all started to curse, and at the same time, they attacked Huang Yueli and the other man crazily to stop them.

Alas, it was too late for them to understand it


A crack appeared on the light sphere after Huang Yueli, and the man struck it hard.

Within a blink of an eye, the entire light sphere was filled with big and small cracks, like an egg that was about to fall apart.

Immediately following that, a loud “bang” was heard. The light sphere gave off an extremely eye-piercing glare. Following that, it shattered completely. “Damn it!”


Amid the screams and shrills, everyone fell from mid-air!

Huang Yueli also fell, but there wasn’t any flustered look on her face. On the contrary, her lips curled into a smile when she saw the horrified looks on those Empyrean Fox Clan’s practitioners.

“You guys are the shameless ones first, so don’t blame me for being vicious! To be frank, I’m just merely responding in kind! I wish you good luck and farewell!”

Things happened exactly in the way that Huang Yueli and the Spiritual Alchemist had expected.

After the six of them fell, the demon tribe immediately attacked the Empyrean Fox Clan’s elderly leader.

His cultivation wasn’t weak at all. He was in the Heart Profound Realm end-phase and was regarded as a top exponent in God Realm.

Under the demon tribe’s siege, he fought and resisted with all his might. He displayed various kinds of Profound Skills and threw out all his Spirit Armaments one after another. So his fight lasted for a relatively long time.

But the demon tribe took advantage in terms of numbers. Moreover, their team was not lacking in several high leveled Earth Devil rank top experts.

Both parties were in a stalemate for a while, and the Empyrean Fox Clan’s Elder’s Profound Energy started to deplete.