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Chapter 2976: So Impressive (2)

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Logically speaking, Leyun was someone who minded her reputation very much.

She was embarrassed at the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, and the ordinary people had on the streets also crowded around her to see her pathetic sight. So how could she even possibly have the cheek to continue staying in Flame Square City?

Suspicions filled Huang Yueli’s heart, but she didn’t bother to think too much about it. With a nonchalant look, she continued to walk forward.

When Li Leyun got off the carriage, she was troubled and her expression was dazed. Even her footsteps weren’t stable.

She slipped and bumped into Huang Yueli.

The latter didn’t expect Li Leyun to suddenly fall. But her reaction was extremely swift and immediately stepped back.

Hence, Li Leyun who was originally supposed to fall on her suddenly plopped onto the ground on her face.

The surrounding guards all ran forward.

“Young Miss Leyun, you… how are you? Why did you suddenly fall?”

“Are you hurt anywhere? Can you still stand?”

All of the guards looked tense and their hearts were pounding with fear.

Li Leyun originally was very arrogant and her temper was terrible. Moreover, she had been feeling upset

over Young Master Moying in the past few days!

She vented her anger that she suffered from Li Moying on the guards. All of them were tormented badly and

no one dared to offend that young miss at all.

Now, they didn’t pay any attention and caused her to slip and fall! They could imagine just how miserable

they would become.

As expected, Li Leyun had just stood up and flew into a rage. She howled angrily, “You bunch of trash, where

have you guys hid yourselves to slack off again? Are there any guards who act like you guys? What use do I

have for you?”

She was exasperated and she took out the whip that was hung by her waist, lashing it out towards the


All of them didn’t dare to make a sound. They didn’t even dare to evade her move.

Li Leyun whipped them a few times but it didn’t make her feel any better. When she fell earlier, many

pedestrians had seen her and she was thoroughly embarrassed! Moreover, this was the second time in just a

few days!

More importantly, the dress that she was wearing was brand new!

Previously, she heard Brother Moying talking about the popular flowing dress in Soaring Heavens Continent,

and that was the dress that Li Moying’s Lower Realm wife loved wearing the most.

Li Leyun tried to find out from other people and finally managed to form the correct design of the flowing

dress. Then she looked for the most outstanding tailor in Sacred Phoenix Race to make the dress.

She had to say that this flowing dress design was indeed very exquisite. After she put the dress on, she felt

that she was even more beautiful now. It also attracted many young ladies’ envious gazes.

But now, this fall caused her reputation to be destroyed!

Li Leyun was furious and she turned her head to stare that the unlucky fellow who bumped into her and said

nastily, “Men, catch that scum who intentionally bumped into This Lady! How dare he cause me to be

embarrassed, I will absolutely not let…”

She stopped in the middle of her sentence and finally took a clear look at the person who was standing in

front of her.

Huang Yueli’s disguised countenance had become one of Li Leyun’s most hated person!

The incident that happened in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber was something that she would never forget in

her entire life!

Originally, Li Leyun was already prepared to find a chance to catch Huang Yueli and give her a good beating.

But because of Li Moying’s sudden appearance in Flame Square City, she couldn’t care about that then.

Now, the enemies had crossed each other’s path.

A sinister sneer appeared on Li Leyun’s face. “So, it’s you!”.