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Chapter 2975 So Impressive (1)

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He carefully received the crystal card and deducted the month-long payment.

Actually, the total was just merely three or four high grade crystal jades. It didn’t even amount to the loose change in the crystal card, so Huang Yueli couldn’t find the joy of spending any money at all.

The innkeeper held the crystal card with two hands and respectfully passed it to her.

“Young… Young Master Li, your crystal card!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, kept the card, and returned to her room.

In the dark and silent night, Huang Yueli lay on her bed but somehow, she couldn’t sleep at all.

Her thoughts had already drifted to the man who had disappeared for more than a year.

She had been rushing on her journey in this period and would deliberately or unintentionally run into some practitioners and ask about the news from the Cloudy Qilin clan, especially if it was related to Cloudy Qilin

clan’s god grade genius.

Unfortunately, other than the initial few Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners, the other ordinary practitioners knew nothing about Li Moying at all.

Many people didn’t know about the Cloudy Qilin clan’s god grade genius, and neither did they believe in Huang Yueli’s words. They assumed that it was impossible to attain god grade innate talent and the so-called god

grade genius was fabricated by the god clans to intimidate those ordinary humans.

Although there wasn’t any news of Li Moying, Huang Yueli always felt that he should be cultivating hard in Cloudy Qilin Continent!

Yesterday morning, when she was refining armaments, that sudden image that flashed past her mind made her heart instantly grow tight!

She seemed to have seen Li Moying throwing up blood…

That scene was just a hallucination but it looked extremely realistic. It instantly scared her out of her wits and directly caused the Spirit Armament furnace to explode.

Later on, although she realized that it was fake, her heart was still apprehensive. She simply could not calm down, no matter what.

It shouldn’t be real, right? It’s impossible to be real!

Li Moying’s innate talent was so high and his character was so composed. He was also the core for the entire Cloudy Qilin clan and had a noble status. Why would he possibly meet with danger for no rhyme or reason?

But luckily, the same image didn’t appear in the next two days after that.

“It must be because I missed him too much, that’s why it caused this hallucination… sigh!” Huang Yueli shut her eyes and muttered to herself, “But tomorrow I will set off. If everything goes smoothly, I will be able to

teleport to the Cloudy Qilin clan in less than two weeks. By then… we will be able to meet again!”

Thinking of the shocked look when Li Moying saw her again, Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a smile.

On the second day, she woke up and headed to look for the innkeeper on the first floor to check out of her room.

The innkeeper kept flattering her and sent her off with utmost gratitude.

Huang Yueli had already checked out the location of the teleportation array, and she headed over there straight.

However, just as she was passing by a corner, a carriage suddenly stopped at a distance near her.

Immediately following that, a young lady’s graceful figure got down from the carriage.

Huang Yueli was in a daze. That figure looked a little familiar…

Young Miss Leyun!

The mid rank Spiritual Armament Master, who was embarrassed by Huang Yueli in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, created trouble unreasonably, and was finally chased out by Grandmaster Xiao!

Although she had a veil over her face, Huang Yueli recognized her without any problem.

“This woman didn’t leave Flame Square City?”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose in slight astonishment..