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Chapter 2974 Too Despicable and Shameless (6)

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“When you first came in, I already found it strange. A Spiritual Armament apprentice like you can’t even pay for the deposit? From the looks of it, you’re indeed tricking me!

I’m telling you, if you can’t pay today, I will…, this… what is this??”

The innkeeper stared at the black gold crystal card that Huang Yueli put in front of him, and his eyeballs almost popped out!

“Black… black gold crystal card?? This… this is a counterfeit, isn’t it?”

Huang Yueli was speechless upon hearing that. “Can you even counterfeit something like this?”

Of course, it wasn’t a counterfeit!

There was only one Skyline Bank in the entire God Realm and that was commonly managed by all twelve God clans. No one would dare to create any counterfeit in front of


“B… But…”

This grade of crystal cards are not even owned by some middle rank Spiritual Armament Masters, moreover for a Spiritual Armament apprentice like her?

Thinking of this, the innkeeper’s swept a glance on the badge pinned on her chest.

He was immediately stunned. “You… this.. this badge… when did you turn into a Spiritual Armament Master??”

The innkeeper subconsciously rubbed his eyes, thinking that he might have seen it wrongly!

A month ago, when Huang Yueli just came to stay here, she brought out a Spiritual Armament apprentice badge. It had only been such a short duration and she had already

become a Spiritual Armament Master??

Was he still dreaming?

Not only was the innkeeper stunned, even those guests who were crowded around were also stunned by this.

Originally, they only wanted to take a look at the fella who dared to renege on the bills at Double Prosperity Inn. But in the end, they saw a low rank Spiritual Armament


A Spiritual Armament Master’s status was noble and their quantity was very rare. Most practitioners had never met one at such proximity in their entire lives!

“This young man is actually a Spiritual Armament Master!”

“I didn’t expect us to be staying in the same inn as a Spiritual Armament Master. It’s such an honor!”

“This innkeeper is also very amusing. He’s a Spiritual Armament Master, so why would he renege on the bill? Moreover, what if he doesn’t pay? It’s already very good for him

to be willing to stay in Double Prosperity Inn!”

The discussions were fluctuating and when the innkeeper heard that, his face flushed slightly.

A Spiritual Armament apprentice wasn’t considered as something but a genuine Spiritual Armament Master wasn’t an existence that merchants like them could afford to


He hurriedly said, “So… Young Master Li, you’re a Spiritual Armament Master! Why didn’t you say so earlier! Please don’t take it against a nobody like me for offending you

today. Please show mercy on me. I’m really sorry about it…”

Huang Yueli stood at the original spot, ignoring the surrounding gazes, regardless if it was worship or disdain, without any change in her expression.

She tapped the side of the table with the black gold crystal card. “Then the payment for the room stay…”

“Oh, Young Master Li, why are you asking me about the payment! Like what the customer said earlier, it’s our inn’s honor for you to come here and stay…”

Huang Yueli shook her head and interrupted him. “It’s just payment for the room, would I take advantage of you? I will pay for it! Just deduct the crystal jades for the

duration that I’ve stayed! Right, remember to deduct another day’s payment. I am staying here tonight and will leave Flame Square City tomorrow.”

When the innkeeper heard her say that, he didn’t dare say anything else..