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Chapter 2971 Too Despicable and Shameless (3)

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Huang Yueli looked at Grandmaster Bai and went into a daze, “Grandmaster Bai, you’re here too?”

No one expected Huang Yueli to come out so quickly again!

Moreover, she said… she had already completed the third Spirit Armament!

Grandmaster Xiao’s smile froze, and there was no way he could maintain his calm. “Th… Third piece? Have you really refined the third Spirit Armament? You’re that fast!”

eedless to say, President Gao and Grandmaster Bai were speechless.

Huang Yueli placed the Spirit Armament into Grandmaster Xiao’s hands and shrugged. “Alright, I have to continue being busy. If Grandmasters don’t have any issues, you

don’t need to wait at the entrance. When I have finished refining all the armaments, I will send it over to you!”

Grandmaster Xiao laughed dryly, “We’re still ok, and it’s not tiring. We might be old, but we still have the energy to take a few steps.”

Huang Yueli looked strangely at Grandmaster Xiao upon hearing that.

He could rest but wasn’t willing to! Could this be some strange habit of those Grandmasters? Did they like to take a walk to work out for no particular reason?

But Huang Yueli didn’t think too much about it. She simply walked straight back into the armament refining room and continued to refine.

The minute her figure vanished from sight, Grandmaster Bai jumped up and urged, “Quick, quick, bring that piece of Spirit Armament to the assessment mechanism! I must

witness it with my own eyes, so see if you’re lying to me or not!”

Time passed slowly and the sun was now descending in the west.

When it was midnight, Huang Yueli had indeed finished refining all ten Spirit Armaments!

Seeing those Spirit Armaments nearly lined up on the table, President Gao, Grandmaster Bai, and Grandmaster Xiao were so shaken that they could not describe their shock

with mere words!

Huang Yueli… she really managed to do it!

She had completed an impossible mission!

If it wasn’t for the truth that was put in front of them, no one in the world would ever believe in such a ridiculous thing.

This young man in front of them did not only have outstanding innate talent. His comprehension, endurance, energy were all first-class. He could be said to be the most

outstanding armament refining genius for three lifetimes. Using heaven-defying and devil to describe him was not exaggerated at all!

Huang Yueli was totally exhausted.

She had continuously refined 10 low grade Spirit Armaments in such a short amount of time. To her, it was an extreme challenge.

After all, low grade Spirit Armaments could be said to be her current stage standard limit!

Moreover, she had been extremely meticulous while refining each piece of Spirit Armament. She kept on analyzing, hoping to do her best effort. In this way, the

consumption of her mental power was much greater.

Under President Gao’s hospitality, Huang Yueli had her dinner then returned to her room. Then she dropped onto the bed and fell asleep.

The next day, the situation was the same.

Ever since Huang Yueli woke up in the morning, she entered the armament refining room and started to refine the Spirit Armaments.

tt was until midnight when she completed another 10 pieces of Spirit Armaments. She had finally completed refining all the standardized Spirit Armaments.

Huang Yueli was completely exhausted, and when she looked at them, she found that they looked very blurry. That was a sign of depletion of energy.

But looking at those twenty nearly arranged, shining Spirit Armaments, her eyes glimmered with delightfulness and satisfaction.

As expected, even if it were Spirit Armaments from God Realm, it didn’t daunt her as well!

n the future, she must refine Li Moying’s strongest inherent fated Holy Armament!.