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Chapter 2970: Too Despicable and Shameless (2)

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‘That’s right. Young Master Li’s innate talent is indeed something that no one could match… I wonder is his Master is, to be able to teach such a monster like him? Perhaps, that person might be a top exponent who had advanced into Life Profound Realm.” President Gao mumbled to himself, trying to guess Huang Yueli’s background.

As he spoke, he looked at Grandmaster Xiao.

A delighted smile hung on the latter’s face.

President Gao suddenly realized what was going on and couldn’t stop himself from shouting. “You! You intentionally duped me! You have such good foresight, and you’ve even examined those Spirit Armaments at proximity earlier. Have you already seen that these Spirit Armaments are much better than the earlier batch? Is that it?”

“Ughh, thiy._ Cough cough, cough cougll_.” Grandmaster Xiao coughed hard in an attempt to conceal the smile on his face.

However, it was already too late for him to do this. President Gao wasn’t a fool, so he had completely understood was going on.

He was so angry that he jumped up and brandished his fists, wanting to give him a good punching!

“Old Xiao, how can you intentionally dupe me like this! You’re simply too despicable and shameless!”

Grandmaster Xiao immediately started to run and evade President Gao’s attacks. “Aiyo, Old Gao, saying that is too much! We have already knowm each other for so many years, so         would I intentionally dupe you? This is a coincidence._ a coincidence..

“Coincidence, my foot! Do you dare say that you didn’t intentionally lure me to bet with you? You know that you would win long ago, isn’t it?’ President Gao chased after him relentlessly.

Grandmaster Xiao cried out innocently, “How can you blame me? Didn’t you feel that you would definitely win, so that’s       you bet with me? If you won, could I say that you are duping me? Are you intentionally trying to renege on your debt?”

“You still dare to deny it! I’ll fight it out uñth you!”

The two of them created a big fuss, and their voices were very loud, which alarmed Grandmaster Bai, who had already gone back to his room to rest.

Seeing the two of them like this, Grandmaster Bai didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He found some men to pull them apart.

‘The two of you are already so old. Why are you still acting like when you were young? Why have you started to fight again? Where’s Young Master LP Has he already finished refining the Spirit Armaments? If he comes out and sees the two of you Sky Gem Grandmasters in this state, what would happen to our Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s reputation?”

President Gao was pulled to a corner, but he was still very upset and had a dowmcast look on his face.

But quite a number of young Spirit Armament Masters had gathered around in curiosity. So he had to maintain his branch President’s reputation and just barely managed to sit down.

He took a teacup and kept gulping down the drink, ignoring Grandmaster Bai.

Grandmaster Bai could only turn towards Grandmaster Xiao. “Grandmaster

Xiao, what’s going on? Weren’t the two of you doing fine earlier?”

Grandmaster Xiao had no misgivings and roughly explained the dispute they had earlier.

Hearing that, Grandmaster Bai’s eyeballs almost popped out!

“What? How is that possible? Grandmaster Xiao, are you joking     me? I’m a

straight person, and I       really believe that it’s true!’

Grandmaster Xiao sneered, “Would This Grandmaster joke with you on this kind of matter?”

“But.. but…”

Just as Grandmaster Bai looked dazed, Huang Yueli opened the door and walked out from the armament refining room.

“I’ve finished refining the third Spirit Armament.. Will the both of you please do an examination?”