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Chapter 2972 Too Despicable and Shameless (4)

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It shouldn’t be too far off to realize her objective!

Grandmaster Xiao, will you please do an inventory check on these Spirit Armaments. If there are no problems, we can proceed with the transaction!”

Grandmaster Xiao didn’t even bother to look and beamed as he said, “Young Master Li, I’ve already checked on these Spirit Armaments and every single piece is the finest

quality! I didn’t expect you to immediately utilize those techniques that I’ve taught you. Your power of comprehension is really too shocking!”

To be praised by a peak rate Sky Gem Grandmaster like Grandmaster Xiao, other Spiritual Armament Masters would be shaking with agitation at this point.

But Huang Yueli merely smiled and replied courteously, “Grandmaster Xiao, you’ve overpraised me! Do you think that there are any problems with these Spirit Armaments?”

Hearing Huang Yueli repeating her question once again, Grandmaster Xiao suddenly came to his senses and said, “Oh, there’s no problem at all! Let’s settle the bill right


Saying that, he didn’t put his hand into his pocket. Instead, he walked to President Gao and said, “Old Gao, why are you in a blank? Quickly pay for it!”

resident Gao felt extremely aggrieved!

But one had to accept to lose since they agreed to bet. It would be even more embarrassing if one reneged on the debt!

Moreover, he was a Sky Gem Grandmaster so he wasn’t lacking in that bit of money…

resident Gao was gloomy for a second. Then he took out a gold-rimmed black card from his realm ring.

“There are a total of twenty low grade Spirit Armaments. Adding on to those twenty pieces that you’ve given me, it’s a total of forty pieces. Each piece is 250 thousand high

grade crystal jades so it works out to be a total of ten million crystal jades. It’s not easy to hold on to so much money, so I’ve deposited it in this crystal card.”

Huang Yueli received the crystal card and her eyes lit up. “So, this is the legendary crystal card! It’s my first time seeing it!”

Ever since she ascended, she had stayed in various inns and saw those wealthy God Realm practitioners taking out their crystal cards to settle the bill.

Every single time, it would attract a round of gasps and envious looks.

Even the innkeeper and waiter’s attitude became respectful.

She didn’t expect herself to become an owner of a crystal card now!

Huang Yueli expressed her satisfaction. “Since this is so, I’d like to thank all of you for your passionate hospitality!”

The three of them were shocked by Huang Yueli making such a big deal out of this.

The crystal card might be a thing that represented one’s status in ordinary practitioners’ eyes. But to Spiritual Armament Masters, that wasn’t some kind of treasure at all.

In God Realm, as long as one saved up ten thousand high grade crystal jades at one go, one would be able to obtain the lowest grade white crystal card. The black gold

crystal card that Huang Yueli was holding might be higher by several grades, but based on her armament refining skills, there would be plenty of money for her to earn in

the future!

She wouldn’t even bother about this crystal card by then.

“Alright, President Gao is indeed a generous and frank person to pay upon receiving the goods! It was a pleasant cooperation. If you have any other good deals like this, we

can continue to cooperate next time! If there’s nothing else, I’d make a move first!”

Huang Yueli didn’t care about what they were thinking. As long as she received the money, she was prepared to leave in contentment.

But she had just taken a step when she remembered another thing. Then she turned around.

“Right, I almost forgot the most important matter!”

“Young Master Li, what other matters are there?”

The three of them were stunned.

Huang Yueli turned to President Gao. “President Gao, other than attending Grandmaster Xiao’s lecture, I came to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber because I wanted to apply for

the Spiritual Armament Master’s badge…”.