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Chapter 2960: Find Her, Dead or Alive (3)

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“This sort of matter… we can’t talk about it so carelessly. There would be big trouble if we accuse the Cloudy Qilin clan wrongly! Although we have always been on loggerheads with them, with the mutual agreement that binds us to fight against the demon tribe, they… would they be so bold?”

If they killed other god clans’ disciples, that would mean that they had violated the agreement. They would also become the public enemy of all god clans.

If it was manslaughter, they could forget about it. But such blatant interception of other god clans people was totally unreasonable!

Moreover, ever since the agreement had been formed, Cloudy Qilin clan and Sacred Phoenix Race had endless frictions of various magnitudes in the past thousands of years. But other than a few accidents, there were no incidents where an intentional murder was committed.

This time… why did this happen?

Huang Sanbai knew that his Clan Leader wasn’t so easy to fool, so he had already thought of an excuse.

His lips curled and revealed a non-visible sneer. Then he immediately spoke grimly, “Actually, I’ve also thought about this. I wonder if the demon tribe had intentionally tried to incite the feud between our two clans so they found someone to pretend to be from the Cloudy Qilin clan and attack us. This Old Man doesn’t want to accuse the wrong person! But the younger clansmen that I brought along to Soul Connection Ocean tried to intercept our god grade genius, and even had a conflict with our clansmen!”

Huang Sanbai immediately pointed out their clansmen as his witness.

These people had all witnessed Li Moying appearing in Soul Connection Ocean and Serene Rain Town. Many of them were injured by him and his guards.

As Huang Sanbai spoke, he secretly felt delighted. He had to thank Cloudy Qilin clan’s god grade genius to appear so coincidentally, which gave evidence for his lies!

This time, Huang Tianhao had no choice but to believe in this!

The clan leader turned pale with fright. “What? There’s such an incident? Cloudy Qilin clan… how dare they do this!”

Huang Sanbai sneered, “Why do they not dare to do? Clan Leader, there’s something else beyond your imagination! The leader of those Cloudy Qilin clan’s practitioners is the god grade genius whom they picked up more than one year ago! This man is true as the rumors say. From his bone age, he looks like he’s not even 25 years old yet, but his cultivation is already at Heart Profound Realm. Moreover, his battle power is astonishing. Even This Old Man almost lost against him. Oh, right, he also contracted an ancient spiritual beast


Huang Tianhao was shocked by this astounding news. Even after a long time, he still hadn’t come back to his senses!

It was until Huang Sanbai urged him softly did he regain his senses. “Cloudy Qilin clan’s god grade genius is actually… actually so incredible! No wonder those scums from the Cloudy Qilin clan have nothing to fear! With this genius around, it will just take a few more decades and we, Sacred Phoenix Race will have to live our days by submitting to them!”

Huang Sanbai sighed. “This person’s innate talent is indeed not bad. But from what This Old Man thinks, Lass Li’s innate talent might not be any weaker than his! If we could nurture her properly, it would be hard to tell who’s much more incredible. Alas… sigh! No wonder the Cloudy Qilin clan was so anxious. They rather violate the agreement to fight against the demon tribe and insist on killing Lass Li!”

His words were said to be adding oil to fire.

Huang Tianhao’s heart was filled with pain, and his fury was instantly ignited!

At this moment, there was only a last sliver of doubt in his heart, but that had been diminished by that extremely vexed emotion.

He banged the table with his fist loudly, stood up, and roared angrily, “Men!

Quickly go gather all the Elders and core disciples to the main hall now!”