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Chapter 2961: Find Her, Dead or Alive (4)

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“I don’t care what they are doing, just get them to come over immediately! We, Sacred Phoenix Race… cannot suffer in silence! I must let those Cloudy Qilin clan people pay the price for their actions!”

The guards outside the main hall rarely saw the magnanimous clan leader flaring up like this. All of their faces turned pale, and they hurriedly ran off to gather those people.

Not too long later, Sacred Phoenix Race’s Elders gathered in the main hall.

Huang Sanbai gave a brief reiteration of the scenario again, and in an instance, the entire main hall was drowned with angry voices!

“Cloudy Qilin clan has gone overboard!”

“They can’t stand the fact that we, Sacred Phoenix Race also has a god grade genius, so they’re just worried that we will compete with them in the future, isn’t it?”

“Damn it, they deserve to die! Clan Leader, we cannot let this matter go to rest.

We must head over to Cloudy Qilin clan and demand justice!”

“That’s right, we’ve suffered enough these years! If it wasn’t for that agreement, we would have gone over to the Cloudy Qilin clan to settle the debt with them! Since they violated the agreement first, then we need not stand on ceremony as well!”

Public anger spilled over the whole group, but some people managed to maintain their sense of rationality.

“Clan Leader, it is indeed extremely infuriating for such a thing to happen. But as for how we should deal with this scenario, we need to look at a long-term plan…” Elder Meng coughed loudly a few times to interrupt the momentum.

Huang Tianhao was already burning with rage by Huang Sanbai’s incitation, so how would he be able to listen to this kind of advice?

But as Elder Meng held high prestige in the clan, he suppressed the urge to scold her. His tone was still very frustrated as he said, “Elder Meng, Cloudy Qilin clan has already climbed on top of our heads, and you’re telling me that we need to look at a long-term plan? What plan? This time, we must make them pay the price in blood! I will immediately send someone over to Cloudy Qilin clan!”

Elder Meng felt anxious and hurriedly persuaded, “Clan Leader, taking action privately like this is wrong as well, isn’t it? By then, if we cause an internal rift among the god clans, other people might say that we, Sacred Phoenix Race, were the ones who provoked them first! I didn’t say that we will not be exacting revenge, but we must have reasoning and evidence. We must first raise an application to the God Clan Alliance and sue the Cloudy Qilin clan for murdering our clan’s god grade genius, and expose their crime to the world! By then, all the god clans will stand on our side and the Cloudy Qilin clan can forget about being absolved from the crime!”

Huang Tianhao was, after all, a clan leader, and he knew the complexity among the god clans more than anyone else.

Earlier, he lost his head because of anger. Hearing what Elder Meng said now, he realized that he had been too impulsive earlier.

He took a deep breath and calmed down a little. “That’s right. Elder Meng, what you said is right! Before we take action, we have to tell the other god clans about Cloudy Qilin clan’s crime to justify our actions…”

Huang Sanbai’s brows shifted slightly when he heard that and instantly had a feeling that trouble was about to brew.

If Huang Tianhao were to bring this matter to the God Clan Alliance, there was a 99% chance that those schemes that he did would be exposed.

Cloudy Qilin clansmen were idiots. They would definitely try to clear their name if they were accused in such a manner.

If both parties were to go into a confrontation and if Cloudy Qilin clan was able to provide some evidence, he would be in trouble by then..

Thinking of this, Huang Sanbai suddenly had an idea and butted in, “Clan Leader, what Elder Meng said is reasonable. But this matter isn’t as simple as what she thinks! We cannot abruptly just spill the beans on this matter!”

Huang Tianhao’s brows creased.. “What do you mean.