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Chapter 2959: Find Her, Dead or Alive (2)

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Huang Tianhao sent a few batches of people out, but none of them were able to find them.

Today, Huang Sanbai finally returned to Ice Moon Summit with a few clansmen disheveled appearances.

Seeing Huang Tianhao, Huang Sanbai knelt on the ground and started to cry miserably.

Seeing him in such a state, the clan leaders heart thumped hard. He hurriedly asked about the situation

Huang Sanbai wiped the corner of his eye and said, “Clan Leader, This Old Man is guilty, This Old Man has let our clansmen down! ‘IÀ’VO months ago, I’ve already picked up our god grade genius. Her innate talent is outstanding, and she has good mannerisms. Everyone was very happy. On the third day, I brought her to take Azure Luan, hoping to return to Ice Moon Summit as soon as possible. Whoever knew… Whoever knew…”

Saying to this point, he sniffed a few times as though he was extremely aggrieved and could not continue

Huang Tianhao was extremely anxious, and he couldn’t help but stomp his feet. “Whoever knew what? What on earth is going on? Quickly tell us!”

Huang Sanbai dabbed the corner of his eye to wipe off the “tears” which were non-existent and said in a low voice, “Whoever knew that we had just left Soul Connection Ocean and bumped into those people from Cloudy Qilin clam They recognized me and started to attack me and Lass Li for no rhyme or reason! I didn’t expect them to strike us, so by the time I responded, it was already too late._”

‘The Azure Luan that we were riding was struck dead, and Lass Li fell from mid-air…

‘This Old Man also fell on the ground and fainted. When I regained consciousness, I hurriedly went to look for her, but Lass Li had already gone missing.”

Huang Tianhao’s expression was filled uñth shock, as though he had been struck by lightning!

He shook his head in a dazed expression and muttered to himself, “Impossible! This is impossible! How can this be? That._ That Huang Yueli, she.. could she really…” Speaking of this point, Huang Tianhao suddenly thought of something and agitatedly ran towards Huang Sanbai. Grabbing his collar, he said, “Huang

Yueli fell from the sky, but it doesn’t represent that she had died! Where is she? Didn’t you guys go search for her?”

Huang Sanbai gave a bitter smile and said, “Clan Leader, how could This Old Man possibly not search for her? I only came back now because I’d been searching for her near the surroundings at the location where the incident happened! This Old Man had been searching for her tirelessly for the past few days and nights, but I couldn’t find her at all…”

“In the end, This Old Man proceeded to meet up with those young clansmen in Soul Connection Ocean and utilized all our power to search around the surrounding tow-ns and cities. But there were no leads at all…”

Huang Tianhao’s eyes “How can a living person suddenly go missing? If she’s alive, we must find her, but if she’s dead, we should be able to find her corpse as well!’

A cold glint flashed past Huang Sanbai’s eyes, but that sinister expression only lasted for a second, so no one noticed it at all.

‘There are two possibilities for Lass Li’s disappearance. One is that she wasn’t injured too badly and managed to escape but lost her way. The other iy._ she had been taken away from the people from Cloudy Qilin clan!’

Huang Sanbai didn’t continue with his sentence , but the meaning in his words was very clear.

If Huang Yueli was only lost, under such a massive search in Sacred Phoenix Continent, how could they possibly not find her?

So, although he said there were two possibilities, there was actually only one.

Huang Tianhao trembled. He already had a similar guess in his mind, but he didn’t dare to believe it!

Clenching his fists, he tried hard to make himself calm down a little.

“Elder Sanbai, are you certain that you saw who attacked the two of you?”