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Chapter 2958: Find Her, Dead or Alive (1)

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For Grandmaster Xiao, Huang Yueli stayed a few more days in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber to refine various types of standardized Spirit Armaments.

Centre of Sacred Phoenix Continent, Ice Moon Summit.

The usually bustling main hall was exceptionally quiet today.

A female attendant holding on to a tea tray walked softly, deeply worried that she might make a noise and agitate the currently furious clan leader in the main hall.

‘That bunch of scums from Cloudy Qilin clan is simply too much! How dare they touch our Sacred Phoenix Race’s god grade genius! Do they even still bother about the agreement all 12 god clans agreed to fight against the demon tribe? They publicly harm and murder other god clans. Are they intending to become a public enemy of the other god clans? Do they really think that we, Sacred Phoenix Race, have no top exponents? How can we swallow this after being bullied to this extent?”

Sacred Phoenix Race’s clan leader, Huang Tianhao slammed his fist on the table, and his powerful Profound Energy broke the table in half. The teapot and other porcelainware fell on the ground and shattered into pieces.

Even so, he still hadn’t vent his frustrations and kept walking about in the main hall frustratedly.

It wasn’t only Huang Tianhao. Everyone in the main hall had an indignant look on their faces.

Some were even very impulsive. They had already drawn their long swords out. If it wasn’t because someone was holding them back, they would have dashed out to exact revenge on those from the Cloudy Qilin clan!

Huang Sanbai lowered his head as he stood in front of Huang Tianhao.

He had a guilty look on his face, and he spoke with a quivering voice, “Clan Leader, it’s This Old Man.. This Old Man has let the clansmen down, and I’m really sorry about the Sacred Phoenix Race! If I had been able to detect Cloudy Qilin clan’s scheme in time and stood in front of Lass Li Cloudy Qilin clan’s people had appeared, she wouldn’t have fallen from Azure Luan and wouldn’t have gone missing…”

He choked while he spoke. He looked so sad as though his tears were about to fall.

Huang Sanbai originally was Sacred Phoenix Race’s oldest Elder, and before he returned to Ice Moon Summit, he had made sufficient preparations. He messed up his hair and clothes , appearing extremely miserable.

His acting skills were simply too convincing, and everyone saw him in such a shabby state, they couldn’t help but sympathize with him, pleading with the Huang Tianhao on his behalf.

“Clan Leader, we can’t blame Elder Sanbai for this matter! It’s all Cloudy Qilin clan’s men for being so despicable and shameless! Who would have thought that they attacked our god grade genius!”

“Isn’t that so? It must be intentional! They were aiming for our god grade genius!”

“We might be able to prevent it temporarily, but there’s no way we can protect her for life. Elder Sanbai, don’t blame yourself too much”

“Every injustice has its perpetrator. Let’s go look for those Cloudy Qilin clan’s scums to settle this!”

Everyone was indignant, and their fury took over their rationality.

Ice Moon Summit’s descendants had been waiting for the arrival of this god grade genius.

Tivo months ago, Huang Sanbai had already sent a report to Ice Moon Summit that he had already received the god grade genius. Her innate talent was indeed outstanding, and it was absolutely at a god grade’s standard.

When the news came, the entire Sacred Phoenix Race was bubbling with excitement, and everyone was very happy.

Originally, they were worried that the signal from the Lower Realm was a mistake, but now that their god grade genius had appeared, that reassured everyone!

Huang Tianhao had already instructed to arrange the residence and cultivation resources for Huang Yueli. He was prepared to nurture their one and only god grade genius properly.

Whoever knew that time passed by day after day. Everyone waited and waited , but they didn’t see the god grade genius appearing.

Even Huang Sanbai, who was sent to pick her up, had also gone missing..