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Chapter 2957: Bad News, They’re Fighting! (3)

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“And, and this dagger. The killing power is so high! This lad is so young, but he had such great mastery in refining weapons. It won’t take a few years for him to surpass me!”

‘Tsk tsk, even the armor is refined so well. This set of wrist guards is of the finest quality among the low tiered Spirit Armaments…”

As Grandmaster Xiao looked, he lamented and he couldn’t stop feeling regretful.

If he had known that Huang Yueli had so many other Spirit Armaments with her, he would have asked her to sell all of these Spirit Armaments to him instead!

Grandmaster Xiao thought that she only had those three pieces. Since he had already seen them, he gave up the chance to sell these Spirit Armaments to President Gao instead.

Now, he regretted his decision..

“Old Gao, we have been friends for so many years. When we were young, we also attended the auction together Grandmaster Xiao suddenly said without any warning.

President Gao had a shock. “Ughh. _ this

Wasn’t Grandmaster Xiao absorbed into looking at the Spirit Armaments? Why did he suddenly reminisce about the past?

“Since we have such close ties, we should share the good stuff, right? Old Gao, why don’t you resell these few pieces of Spirit Armaments to me! I’ll offer you double the price, one piece at 500 thousand jades, what do you think?” President Gao came back to his senses when he heard that. He turned around and saw Grandmaster Xiao holding tightly to a few pieces of Spirit Armaments, prepared to take it away the minute he nodded.

‘You…. No way! These belong to our Flame Square City Slw Gem Glass Chamber! I’m not selling! I insist on not selling!”

President Gao shot up like an arrow, preparing to snatch those Spirit Armaments back.

Grandmaster Xiao held onto the Spirit Armaments and shifted to the left and right while continuing to persuade him. “Old Gao, you can’t be so petty! It’s just a few pieces of low tiered Spirit Armaments. You can have as many as you want, so must you haggle over it with me? It’s not as if I won’t pay for it?”

“Just a few pieces of low tiered Spirit Armaments! Then don’t fight with me over them!” President Gao cried out in dissatisfaction.

Both Sky Gem Grandmasters were a thousand years old added together, but they were fighting over a few low tiered Spirit Armaments.

Their armament refining standard might be different, but there was practically no difference in their cultivation. They were both in Heart Profound Realm mid -phase, and their actual combat experience was practically zero.

So when they fought, they were equals, and there was no clear winner.

The surrounding Spiritual Armament Masters and female attendants originally were stunned by what they saw. No one thought of stepping up to pull them apart.

Huang Yueli’s sweat dripped dowm from her forehead as she was rather speechless. So she could only step up and separate the two of them.

“Alright, alright, both Seniors. It’s just a few pieces of Spirit Armaments, don’t lose your harmony over this small thing! Grandmaster Xiao, didn’t you tell me earlier if you wanted them? I can stay here for a couple of days more and refine a few for you!”

Grandmaster Xiao’s face was originally very furious, and he lost a few strands of hair on his beard during the fight.

Hearing that, his anger turned into joy. “Really? Young Master Li, you’re willing to refine some Spirit Armaments for me?”

Huang Yueli nodded and smiled, “I’m in need of money! Since there’s a chance to earn money, how can I miss it?”

The main thing was she had totally and thoroughly pondered over the refining method of these Spirit Armaments. So the speed of her refining would be much faster than before.

As they always said, awkward at first but skillful later on. It wasn’t something very troublesome, and it wouldn’t waste too much time..