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Chapter 2956: Bad News, They’re Fighting! (2)

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But on account of Grandmaster Xiao and Grandmaster Bai, she didn’t want to take advantage of them

In the future, she would need to interact with the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, so there was no need to earn everything from them at one go.

These were just low tiered Spirit Armaments, so these weren’t very expensive.

In the future , udlen she refined even higher tiered Spirit Armaments or even Treasure Armaments , that would be the time when she would start raking in cash.

President heard how straightforward Huang Yueli was and instantly became joyous. He thought even highly of Huang Yueli now.

“Good, that’s great! Treat that l, Old Gao, owes you a favor! In the future, if you need any help, feel free to look for me!” President Gao patted his chest and promised.

He hurriedly lowered his head , thinking to look at what Spirit Armaments that Huang Yueli was going to sell to him.

Immediately follovfrug that, he went into a blank. ‘These._ these… you’re going to sell all of these to us?”

President Gao’s eyes widened in disbelief.

On the ground were ten over pieces of Spirit Armaments which were neatly lined up. Moreover, Huang Yueli was continuing to take them out!

These dozens of Spirit Armaments were not repeated and each of them was different. Moreover, it had surpassed the normal three categories, namely weapons, armors, and Spiritual Artifacts.

The most important thing was these were all standardized Spirit Armaments. Those were all low tiered Spirit Armaments which had practically been refined based on the standardized Spirit Armament Illustration Book.

President Gao originally assumed that it was already very impressive to have three to five kinds of remodeled low tiered Spirit Armaments, and it would be more than enough for them to research on!

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli took out so many at one go!

“Alright, that’s all, a total of 20 pieces!” Huang Yueli finally finished taking out all of the Spirit Armaments that she had stood up and said with a smile.

President Gao’s lips twitched. “There’s actually… 20 pieces! Don’t tell me that these Spirit Armaments are all refined using your exclusive armament refining method?”

Remodeling a piece of Spirit Armament was already extremely difficult, not to mention remodeling a whole pile of them!

If every single piece was the same as the three pieces of Spirit Armaments that she took out previously, greatly uplifting the original standardized Spirit Armament’s might by so much, it would be a miracle!

Huang Yueli looked at him strangely and said, ‘That’s of course. These Spirit Armaments are refined using my method, so the might of these shouldn’t be too far off! President Gao, don’t worry, I won’t dupe you. If the Spirit Armaments aren’t any good, I won’t sell them to you for such a high price! If you’re worried, why don’t you ask Grandmaster Xiao to examine it first!’

She had already put it in that way, so President Gao immediately felt rather embarrassed.

“No, no, no, there’s no need to examine! Young Master Li’s Spirit Armaments are definitely the best…” He hurriedly declined.

However, Grandmaster Xiao instantly picked up one Spirit Armament and said, “Old Gao, how can you be so casual uthen you purchase Spirit Armaments? You haven’t even ascertained the Spirit Armaments’ quality and you’re going to pay for it. Surely you can’t just squander in this way, no matter how much money you have, right? Let This Grandmaster help you check!”

President Gao looked at Grandmaster Xiao’s back and went into a short blank, then he instantly came back to his senses.

This old fellow, he couldn’t wait to see the new Spirit Armaments that Huang Yueli had just taken out! Hence he intentionally found an excuse to do so.

But, this had indeed helped him greatly!

Grandmaster Xiao squatted on the floor felt all the Spirit Armaments one after another. He was also mumbling to himself.

‘This cutlass looks very powerful, and the armament refining method seems different from the previous long sword! How is this done?’