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Chapter 2924: Integrated Into One (4)

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So, the biggest problem should still be related to the encasement of the energy field into the Spirit Armament materials…

Huang Yueli flipped through the books and tapped her hand on the table as she was engrossed in her thoughts, trying hard to find out the crux of the problem.

After a while, she muttered to herself, “Could it be that during the fusing process, the sequence of the amount of Profound Energy that I added wasn’t correct? Indeed, before the explosion happened, I had already sensed the repulsion of the energy field from the Spirit Armament. But because I don’t have any experience and assumed that it was normal… Looks like I need to decrease my speed and use my soul trace to check on the Spirit Armament’s situation first before injecting my Profound Energy based on the situation…”

Huang Yueli pondered over this for a moment more and finally decided that she had to act according to the situation. Too many situations could happen during the refinement of Spirit Armaments. No matter how much sufficient preparation she had made, it would be difficult for her to handle it.

Having thought through this, Huang Yueli perked herself up again. “It’s indeed not simple to refine Spirit Armaments! Luckily I bought two sets of materials each so I still have another chance to try. This time, I cannot make the same mistake again!”

Huang Yueli walked to the furnace and checked on it. This furnace might look run-down, but the quality was not that bad after all. At least it was solid enough.

That small explosion did not make the furnace explode. In fact, there wasn’t even any scratch on the furnace at all.

Huang Yueli wiped the spirit armament slightly and lit up the fire again.

The smelting process was much faster than before and it only took less than an hour before she entered the drawing of the energy field.

This time, Huang Yueli didn’t dare to slack off. She adjusted all the Profound Energy in her body, and her concentration was also fully unleashed. She tried all her means to feel the Spirit Armament’s refining process, as well as all the series of changes.

Following the Spirit Armament materials giving off a sizzling sound, Huang Yueli’s senses seemed to have entered another world.

In this subjective world, the Profound Energy in the energy field seemed to have turned into rays of glaring light that floated past her eyes. She didn’t need to put in much effort to see it clearly.

Huang Yueli subconsciously controlled the energy field and slowly fused it with the materials.

Every thread and every ounce were encased perfectly without a single flaw…

The Spirit Armament slowly set into shape, and Huang Yueli started to relax.

It seemed that she had found the correct direction this time around!

Huang Yueli hadn’t seen any other Spiritual Masters refine Spirit Armaments, so she didn’t realize that something was wrong with the refining method that she had come out with.

It was her first time refining Spirit Armaments, so the reason for her failure was not because there was something wrong with her plan. But the reason was that God Realm’s Spiritual Armament Master’s energy field fusion method could not be written down on the books. Instead, it was all passed down verbally from the Master to disciple.

Huang Yueli didn’t have a Master, and no one told her the method, so it was reasonable for her to fail.

If it was anyone else, that person would definitely have thought of a way to find a Master.

But Huang Yueli didn’t think of this at all. She insisted on using her heaven-defying innate talent and power of comprehension to think of a solution.

But her method was different from the standard method used in God Realm.

Moreover, as she refined one after another piece of Spirit Armament, her method was slowly formed, and the disparity between it and the standard method was becoming further and further…