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Chapter 2925: One Month Later (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

One month later.

An intense battle was happening on the barren lands in between the Soul Connection Ocean and Serene Rain Town.

A huge Fissure Plume Blonde Condor swooped down from the sky fiercely. Its power wings flapped, and bursts of powerful wind attack waves caused the trees in the surroundings to be uprooted!

“Young Master Moying, be careful!!” Li Tian Yi and Li Tian Er cried out in horror.

The Fissure Plume Blonde Condor was a high tiered spirit beast Moreover, it had metal and wind dual attributes so its speed was extremely fast with a high level of attack power. In God Realm, even practitioners in Heart Profound Realm end-phase were not willing to provoke it, what more for their group. The one with the highest cultivation among them was Li Moying, who was in Heart Profound Realm early-phase.

The guards were several hundred meters away from the Blonde Condor and they were made to retreat by its power, being thrown back by the wind.

Facing the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor, it was imaginable to think how much pressure Li Moying was under right now!

Li Tian Yi and the others turned cold from shock. They wanted to dash forward to save him, but none of them could resist the wind and couldn’t move at all.

They could only watch the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor give a loud shrill and swooped down towards Li Moying’s head.

“Young Master Moying!!!”

Li Tian Yi and Li Tian Er cried out in alarm as they shut their eyes, not daring to see what was about to happen.

They were under the Clan Leader’s orders to risk everything they had to protect the only god grade genius in their clan. Even if all of them had to die, they could not allow Li Moying to lose his life here!

If something were to happen to him here, they… they would not be able to pay the consequences, even if they had to die ten thousand times!

After a round of horrifying explosive shouts, the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor’s roar became even sharper like a sharp blade that passed through everyone’s ears. In an instant, everyone lost their hearing.

The guards’ complexion turned pale and they covered their ears. But all they could hear were buzzing sounds. They felt light-headed and dizzy, trying their best to stop themselves from throwing up.

After some time later, they finally recovered a bit of consciousness.

Li Tian Yi opened his eyes and looked at the center of the storm. He only took a look and cried out in astonishment, “Young Master Moying, this… this is…”

Li Tian Er also looked in the direction of his gaze.

On one look, he found that the mighty Fissure Plume Blonde Condor had already sprawled on the ground. Its eye-catching wings drooped by its side and the surface on the ground was covered in red. Blood kept spilling out from the side.

From the looks of this, it seemed that it had already died from its serious injury.

The body resembled a small hill. Even if it laid limp on the ground, it was still four to five meters tall.

But the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor’s head was facing upwards. Its eyes widened like full moons, as though it couldn’t believe that it was so easily defeated by a god clan practitioner with such weak cultivation!

“Heavens! The Fissure Plume Blonde Condor is dead! It actually died in this way!”

“Could it be that Young Master Moying had killed it? But… but how is this possible? The last time I came out on experience learning with Elder Qing and met with a Fissure Plume Blonde Condor. But we spent a great deal of effort to kill it!”

“But other than Young Master Moying, who else is here??”

“This is simply a miracle… Young Master is too strong…”

Li Tian Yi and Li Tian Er looked at the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor’s corpse in astonishment, and their hearts were filled with worship for Li Moying.

As for Li Moying, he stood next to the condor with a placid and calm look on his face.