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Chapter 2923: Integrated Into One (3)

It was impossible for them to succeed on their first try, just like her!

Huang Yueli heaved a silent sigh of relief but she didn’t dare to slack off. Her concentration was still maintained in a taut state.

She threw the materials that were piled next to her into the spirit armament furnace in sequence.

The process of smelting materials was the same as Soaring Heavens Continent’s method, so it was a piece of cake for Huang Yueli.

Not too long after, all the materials had been fused.

Her expression abruptly turned grave as she stared at the melted materials in the spirit armament furnace without blinking.

“The next step is the most difficult part. This is also the biggest difference between refining Profound Armaments…”

After the spirit armament materials had been fused, she had to slowly decrease the furnace’s flame. During this process of decreasing the temperature, the materials in the furnace would slowly set into shape.

Huang Yueli had to draw out the energy field structure using her Profound Energy within the shortest amount of time she had, and encase the energy field into the materials. Moreover, to display the full force of the energy field, the materials must be molded into a certain shape.

That meant to say that Huang Yueli had to split up her concentration, work on the structure of the energy field while ensuring the exterior shape of the materials, and fuse the two perfectly…

This complicated process, to a Spiritual Armament Master’s Profound Energy, endurance, and soul trace, was a huge test.

As long as she was slightly careless, it would fail…

Huang Yueli perked her concentration and carefully controlled the release of her Profound Energy.

The energy field was slowly drafted out. At the same time, the materials that were in the cooling process were being pulled into a curvy arc by her.

She was at her last step, to encase the energy field into the dagger’s interior…


A loud explosion rang beside Huang Yueli’s ears!

The spirit armament furnace’s flame exploded and a fiery flame shot right through the roof!

“Oh no!” Huang Yeuli’s expression changed and she hurriedly retracted the True Phoenix Fire.

Luckily her reaction was swift and she had struck out timely. Although the roof of the guest room was scorched by the raging fire, it didn’t burn through it and hence, it didn’t lead to a fire.


Huang Yueli shifted her glance towards the half-molded long sword in the spirit armament furnace. She gloomily discovered that the Spirit Armament that she was still refining had already turned into a bundle of ash.

This time’s refinement ended in failure!

She sat down on the chair and lifted her hand to wipe off the sweat on her forehead.

It was impossible to say that she wasn’t feeling frustrated after failing the refinement of a Spirit Armament.

She had already deduced the process several times in her mind before she started refining, and after she was certain that every single detail had no problem, then she started the process. Moreover, her Profound Energy and soul trace were extremely strong. Every single hand gesture that she struck out was extremely accurate, and the plan was executed well.

According to this trend, she should have successfully refined the Disheartened Dagger…

But now, she failed. It meant that there was a problem with her deduction! This had turned her plans around!

“What’s going on? Why did this happen? What on earth had gone wrong?” Huang Yueli frowned, and her mind swiftly raced past all the possibilities.

In the process of refining Spirit Armaments, the energy field that she drew shouldn’t be a problem. The most difficult points that the manuals had indicated to take special note of, were easily overcome by her powerful control.

Molding the materials into shape was a simple matter. Anyone with slight metal attributed innate talent would be able to do it well..