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Chapter 2922: Integrated Into One (2)

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Combining all the comprehension that Huang Yueli had in the past with the contents that she read from the manual today, she roughly had a conclusion.

In Soaring Heavens Continent, the main element that determined the grade of the Profound Armament was based on the materials that were used to refine the Profound Armament.

An Armament Master’s innate talent might be important, but the fire and metal attributed to Profound Energies were mainly used to smelt materials, control the flame’s temperature and also help the Profound Armament to form its shape.

But refining Spirit Armaments was another thing.

The thing that decided the Spirit Armament’s grade was not the materials, but the Spiritual Armament Master’s innate talent, ability, and the control of one’s Profound Energy.

Spirit Armament materials were just a retainer that was used to contain the Spiritual Armament Master’s Profound Energy.

Using the Spiritual Armament Master’s Profound Energy to construct into an energy field was the real reason why a Spirit Armament wielded so much power.

The energy field was being sealed by the Spiritual Armament Master with special materials and when it was stimulated by a practitioner’s Profound Energy, it would release an astonishing amount of energy!

So, the method of refining a Spirit Armament and Profound Armament was totally different, and the might of the Spirit Armament was much stronger.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the Spirit Armament’s materials weren’t important.

The stability of the energy field, the degree of difficulty to activate the energy field, and the ultimate power of the energy field were closely related to the superiority and inferiority of the Spirit Armament materials.

Even for a high ranking Sky Gem Grandmaster, if he didn’t have suitable materials, it would be impossible to satisfactorily refine Spirit or Treasure Armaments.

Huang Yueli already had this guess in mind before she went to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber.

After she read the books that she purchased, her guess was more or less verified.

This kind of exclusive refining method for Spirit Armaments was doomed to be a tragedy for ordinary Lower Realm ascenders because all the refining methods that they had learned in the past could not be used at all!

But, to Huang Yueli, this was a good thing.

As one of the two God Realm’s god grade geniuses, whose innate talent could be higher than hers? Her control towards Profound Energy was something that she was born with. No matter how ordinary people try to waste their energy working hard, it was impossible for them to reach her standard!

“Now that I’ve already understood the principle, next, I’m going to give it a try…”

Huang Yueli took out an illustrated book and flipped it open. Then she left it beside the spirit armament furnace.

“Ooh, this Disheartened Dagger’s structure should be the simplest. I will start to refine from this!”

She raised her hand and struck out a hand gesture. Then a flame flew out from her palm and landed on the fire entrance underneath the spirit armament furnace.

The flame shrank a little and following that, it started to burn steadily.

The spirit armament furnace was lit almost instantly. The surroundings were enveloped by a ray of light and those roughly engraved array patterns on the furnace’s exterior were instantly lit up.

Huang Yueli’s expression was solemn as her eyes were focused. The hand gestures that she saw on the book earlier surfaced in her mind. One after another, she swiftly struck out those hand gestures.

The spirit armament furnace’s temperature soared.

When refining Spirit Armaments, the impact of the flame would be even bigger than refining Profound Armaments. But luckily, Huang Yueli used the True Phoenix Fire which was a top rate powerful flame in God Realm. So it was most suitable for use in refining armaments.

Huang Yueli followed the instructions and smoothly pre-heated up the spirit armament furnace.

“It seems rather easy…” This thought flashed past Huang Yueli’s mind.

She didn’t know that to Spiritual Armament apprentices with ordinary innate talents, completing this step required them to practice at least more than a thousand times!