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Chapter 2921: Integrated Into One (1)

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Huang Yueli ignored the surroundings and revealed a satisfied smile.

“Indeed the largest inn in Sacred Phoenix Continent. The superior room’s environment is indeed much better than the other inns! Moreover, the most important thing is that this room is spacious enough. It’s enough for me to go into closed door cultivation and refine Spirit Armaments…”

While she thought, she retrieved a variety of materials and magical beast cores which she had prepared earlier.

First, she used some simple methods to set an invisibility array around the walls.

This array was something that she decoded with her father when she sneaked into Snow Phoenix Palace previously. It should be an array that was exclusive in God Realm.

Although she didn’t know what level was it in God Realm, Snow Phoenix Palace was, after all, one of the bases left behind by the ancient God clans in the Lower Realm. So the arrays inside should not be some cheap stuff.

Huang Yueli set up the array based on her memories.

Then she took out the spirit armament furnace which she bought from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber earlier.

Taking a look at this black and heavy furnace, Huang Yueli frowned slightly. “Isn’t this furnace a little too coarsely manufactured? The array patterns engraved on the exterior are so crudely done. I wonder if it is actually of any use? Moreover, the left and the right sides aren’t even at all! How do they even have the cheek to say that this is a standard spirit armament furnace? It’s even worse than the Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron that I brought from the Lower Realm!”

Actually, spirit armament furnaces were all handmade, so it was normal to have some slight unevenness.

But Huang Yueli was used to using fine quality goods. So towards these kinds of coarsely made products, she simply could not stand it at all.

The Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron was the furnace that she used in Soaring Heavens Continent. It was something that she and Li Moying found together. Back then, the Amethyst Light Sword was sealed within and the sword spirit acknowledged Li Moying as its Master. As for the Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron, it was taken by Huang Yueli.

The Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldon was one of Soaring Heavens Continent’s finest armament furnaces. Each complicated array pattern on the exterior helped greatly in refining.

Moreover, the amethyst gold rays that spread out on the furnace’s entire body had different patterns. All of those were exquisite.

Alas, the Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron was manufactured using Lower Realm’s materials. So when she brought it to God Realm, Huang Yueli felt that it was not solid enough to refine even higher grade Spirit Armaments.

The Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s most inferior spirit armament furnace didn’t have much functionality. But at least it was manufactured using God Realm’s metal materials. It was able to take on the impact of the deviant flame and a large amount of Profound Energy!

“I must refine the weapons properly. After I earn enough money, I will change this ugly-looking thing!”

Huang Yueli grumbled softly and took out the books which she had purchased in the afternoon. Then she swiftly read through it.

Her speed of reading was so fast that describing it as reading ten sentences at one time wasn’t even apt.

As she read, she mumbled to herself, “…oh, so it’s like this… no wonder I couldn’t find a solution… in this way, these fine details can be done in this way…”

Huang Yueli propped up her little cheeks and flipped through the books. It only took her less than four hours to finish reading that thick pile of books.

Raising her arms above her head, she stretched her arms.

“God Realm’s Spirit Armament refining skills are indeed much deeper than ours in Soaring Heavens Continent.. No wonder the Spirit Armaments’ power is much stronger than ordinary Profound Weapons! But if we were to use such complicated and profound skills to refine weapons, the requirement for the Armament Master’s innate talent and endurance is much higher by several times! There aren’t many with such innate talent in the Lower Realm. That’s why only God Realm can nurture so many Spiritual Armament Masters!”