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Chapter 2920: Overthinking (4)

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In their hearts, they were thinking that this was something that would absolutely not happen!

After Huang Yueli was done purchasing the materials, she found that she didn’t lack anything and just left.

Walking out of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, the first thing Huang Yueli did was to head towards the largest Inn in Flame Square City to look for a room.

When the innkeeper saw that she was a Lower Realm ascender dressed in simple clothes, he instantly looked at her with disdain.

“Our Double Prosperity Inn is the best in the entire Flame Square City. The prices here are naturally not cheap. Sir, if you’re intending to stay here, you’ll have to pre-pay one hundred medium grade crystal jades as a deposit!”

One hundred medium grade crystal jades to ordinary God realm folks was not a small sum.

If it was this morning, Huang Yueli would still be able to afford it.

But now, she only had a few miserable low grade crystal jades in her pocket. She was so poor that she almost could not afford to eat, not to mention paying such a huge amount of deposit.

Seeing Huang Yueli hesitating, the arrogant expression on the innkeeper’s face grew even more obvious. “Why? Don’t tell me that you can’t afford the deposit? This is just the deposit for ten days. Didn’t you say that you’re going to stay for a month? You can’t even afford this bit of money, are you messing around with me?”

The innkeeper had just finished talking when Huang Yueli’s wrist flipped. She took out a badge from her interspatial ring and placed it right in front of him.

“I’m a Spiritual Armament apprentice, did you think that I will renege on my debt? Innkeeper, if you’re really worried, I’ll leave my apprentice badge here with you first. In case I can’t afford to pay, you can go to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber to ask for payment. What do you think?”

The innkeeper was stunned when he saw the Spiritual Armament apprentice’s badge!

There was a huge disparity between an apprentice and a genuine Spiritual Armament Master. But in ordinary folks’ minds, an apprentice’s status was already very high.

Obtaining an apprentice badge meant that the person in front of him at least had a human grade and above innate talent in both metal and fire dual attributes!

For someone with this kind of innate talent, even if one could not become a Spiritual Armament Master, if it was used in cultivation alone, one would become a Heart Profound Realm practitioner sooner or later. For a place like Flame Square City, that person was basically considered as a top exponent.

Moreover, most Spiritual Armament apprentices were under the tutelage of a Master. Just based on Huang Yueli passing the assessment based on her ability was extremely scarce.

The innkeeper felt that she had a Spiritual Armament Master behind her.

Spiritual Armament Master… that was a very rich tycoon!

How would he possibly allow his disciple to renege on a debt at the inn?

With this thinking in mind, the innkeeper immediately changed his mindset and his attitude became extremely courteous. “Oh my, you’re a Spiritual Armament apprentice from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber! No wonder I feel that this young lad here looks so extraordinary. You’re even radiating with a stylish temperament! Please, come in! The superior room that you want is on the second floor, all the way inside. It’s absolutely the quietest and spacious room!”

Huang Yueli played with the apprentice badge in her right hand and asked slowly, ”

Then… the deposit…”

“Let’s forget about the deposit! You can stay as long as you want. Just settle the bill before you leave!” The innkeeper immediately said.

Huang Yueli nodded her head satisfactorily, kept her badge, and followed the waiter to the superior room.

When she walked into the room, she silently smiled when no one was around.

“I didn’t know that a Spiritual Armament apprentice’s status is so useful! Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s status has exceeded my expectations…”

She sighed for a moment and perked herself up.

“Although it has helped me do away with the deposit, I’ll still have to pay for the room when I leave. So I have to grab hold of time and quickly refine some Spirit Armaments to sell!”