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Chapter 2919: Overthinking (3)

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The steward and admission officer were dazed to hear that, and suspicions arose in their hearts again.

Why was she purchasing so many materials at one go?

Could it be that it was just a coincidence that she didn’t know and chose the lousiest Spirit Armament, but in actual fact, she was still a tycoon?

However, after Huang Yueli asked for the long list of materials, she added on to say, “Alright, I’ll just need these. Please give me… two sets of each material! Please wrap everything up!”

When she said the words “two sets”, she couldn’t help but grit her teeth and cringe!

After buying so many materials, she didn’t have much money left on her! It would probably be enough for her to buy some street food. But it would be difficult to fork out any money for her lodging at the inn.

After living for two lifetimes, she finally experienced what was as poor as a church mouse…

Hearing Huang Yueli’s last sentence, the steward and admission officer made an expression as though they were going to throw up blood.

The steward quickly stared at Huang Yueli and said, “I say, young buddy, are you fooling around with me? You’re only buying two sets of each material? Can’t you tell that other people would buy at least five sets? A Spiritual Armament apprentice like you would need to buy at least ten sets at one go. Otherwise, how are you going to refine a finished product??”

Two sets? Was it a lot?

If possible, Huang Yueli wanted to buy an additional set so that she could save a huge sum of money.

Actually, she had done extensive research on God Realm’s Spirit Armaments.

Before her ascension, Huang Zixiao had once given her a high grade Spirit Armament to help her pass through the heavenly tribulation.

After the heavenly tribulation, that Profound Armor was greatly damaged. After Huang Yueli ascended, she was still contemplating on how to restore it to its original state.

Hence, while she was traveling on the carriage, she had been researching this high grade Spirit Armament during her free time.

After a long time of research, Huang Yueli had finally found a gateway and came up with a plan.

Today, she bought so many books back with her, mainly because she wanted to verify if her guess was the same as what she thought.

After all, if she really wanted to refine Spirit Armaments, just relying on her deduction wasn’t enough. It was necessary to get some basic knowledge and she had to verify her guesses.

After all, just relying on deduction wasn’t enough to refine Spirit Armaments. It was essential to have the basic knowledge. So she had to make up for this missing part before she could master the subject.

But she was worried if she could succeed in refining the Spirit Armament.

But this was, after all, her first time. So she purchased another extra set of materials, just in case.

Huang Yueli didn’t bother to explain and said lightly, “Why? Does the Sky Gem Glass Chamber have such a rule that we must buy a total of five sets of materials?”

“Erm… no, we don’t have such a rule.” The steward didn’t expect her to ask this, so he gave an honest reply.

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Hearing her say that, the steward couldn’t ask anything else, even though he was full of queries. If she wanted to buy the items, surely he couldn’t say that he didn’t want to sell, wasn’t it!

But as he packed the items, he kept thinking about it.

Was this country bumpkin Lower Realm ascender rich or poor?

If she didn’t have any money, why did she purchase the Spirit Armament materials for? Wasn’t it equivalent to throwing money into the water!

If she had, why was she acting so petty? She only purchased two sets of each material, and even showed a distressed expression…

No matter if it was the steward or the admission officer, none of them considered the fact that Huang Yueli was preparing to refine a Spirit Armament out of these materials!