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Chapter 2917: Overthinking (1)

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Luckily she had already made preparations and sold off some treasures in the Sky Phoenix Ring, to accumulate a large sum of crystal jades.

She looked around, picked a few entry-level books on theory, and paid for them.

The admission Spiritual Armament Master had been following beside her. Originally, he wanted to upsell his Armament refining ability and tried to recommend a few books to Huang Yueli.

In the end, after she stepped in, she refused to look at him at all. Instead, her gaze swept past the books on the shelf. Then she took a few books and proceeded to make payment.

“Hey, wait! Don’t choose so recklessly! There are so many books here, how do you know which books are suitable for you? It’s better to listen to me…”

The admission officer propped his head to take a look as he said.

After he took a clear look at the books which Huang Yueli was carrying, he instantly couldn’t say a word more.

Those books that Huang Yueli picked were coincidentally the most suitable for beginners. Moreover, the contents of the theory and practicals were in sequence. It was extremely suitable for one to make steady progress with these!

“You… you…” The admission officer was tongue-tied.

Huang Yueli swept a glance at him and asked, “Why? Is there a problem? I should be able to purchase these books, right?”

“Yes, of course… you can…”

The admission officer couldn’t understand why this lad’s insight was so precise?

Could it be that he actually had a Master, but intentionally didn’t report to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber?

Huang Yueli wasn’t free to bother about what he was thinking of. She had been computing how to use the least amount of crystal jades to purchase the most important items.

She had a lot of crystal jades with her after she sold off all the treasures. She wasn’t considered as a poor folk as compared with the ordinary God Realm practitioners.

But money flowed just like water in the process of refining!

So a large number of high ranking Armament Masters were nurtured by large forces. If one wanted to become a high ranking Armament Master based on their own abilities, unless that person was a peerless genius, otherwise, their family would have a huge amount of fortune!

Now, she was learning the art of refining Spirit Armaments in God Realm so that was considered as starting from scratch. Hence the amount of money she had to spend was terrifying.

Initially, Huang Yueli saw many books that she was interested in. The manuals here, to a Lower Realm ascender, were all very novel. If it was in the past, she would definitely purchase everything and slowly read through it when she had the time!

But now…

Feeling the almost empty pouch, her heart was tearing up.

She finally understood what poverty meant!

How heart-rendering! How melancholic!

She could only choose the most useful books as she had no other choice. As for the remaining crystal jades, she had to purchase materials for refining!

After Huang Yueli paid the bill, she turned and walked to the room which was selling materials.

The admission officer originally thought that she would leave after purchasing the books. He didn’t expect her to purchase the materials immediately. He went into a short blank and hurriedly chased after her.

“Hey, you… what are you going to buy now? You should finish reading those books, prepare yourself first, and take some entry-level apprentice examinations first! It’s just a waste to purchase those materials. If you can’t even pass the apprentice examinations, you can’t possibly refine any Spirit Armaments at all!”

Huang Yueli shrugged and said indifferently, “It’s fine. I’ll just purchase some to have some fun. It’s alright even if I can’t refine anything out of them!”

She didn’t want to explain so much, and there wasn’t any way to explain it anyway.

As long as she could refine Spirit Armaments in the future, action would speak louder than her words.

The admission officer’s eyes widened and said, “What the, you’re really a tycoon!”