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Chapter 2916: Replace That Woman (3)

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The female attendant on the carriage hurriedly persuaded, “Young Miss, don’t be angry. You’re the ancient God clan, Cloudy Qilin clan Clan Leader’s niece, and your status is extremely noble. Don’t spoil your mood because of a few lowly humans! How dare they offend you, do you… want This Servant to teach them a lesson?”

The beautiful Spiritual Armament Master was Cloudy Qilin clan’s heaven grade genius, the Clan Leader’s niece, Li Leyun!

In order to hide her identity, she casually registered with a fake name when she was at the Sky Gem Glass Chamber earlier.

Li Leyun shook her head. “Forget it, this is Sacred Phoenix Race’s turf and if things blow up, there might be trouble… just let them off!”

Seeing Li Leyun’s expression still gloomy, the female attendant carefully said, “Young Miss, since these human races don’t know what’s good for them, then you shouldn’t bother to talk to them any longer. The Cloudy Qilin clan also has plenty of Sky Gem Grandmasters. If you want to learn how to refine Spirit Armaments, there are plenty of masters who want to teach you. Why do you insist on looking for that Grandmaster Xiao?”

Li Leyun swept a glance at her and said angrily, “Did you think that I like to beg others in such a meek manner? Isn’t it because that Grandmaster Xiao is a Sky Gem Grandmaster who specializes in refining long swords and the swords that he refines have attack powers which are higher than same tiered Spirit Armaments!”

The female attendant couldn’t understand why so she asked again, “Last time Brother Moying mentioned that when he was in the Lower Realm, a girl that he liked had personally refined a long sword for him and he had always carried it by his side. However, it broke during one of his battles! So, I also want to refine a long sword for him!”

When Li Leyun heard that Li Moying had liked someone, she was devastated.

After thinking for a moment, she had a change of mind. Li Moying’s past lover was probably still in the Lower Realm. Nobody knew how many years it would take for her to ascend. Perhaps she might have died in the Lower Realm whereas the person Li Moying liked was the Armament Master who could refine Profound Armaments for him. In that case, wouldn’t she, the Spiritual Armament Master be able to replace her?

Li Leyun felt that she had a chance and instantly made up her mind. She had to refine an even better long sword for him.

No matter how good the Lower Realm’s Profound Weapon was, how could it be compared with God Realm’s Spirit Armament?

It was the same for people.

No matter how beautiful the Lower Realm human race girl was, she couldn’t be compared to the beautiful ladies in God clans!

As long as the Profound Weapon she refined could replace the Profound Weapon that Li Moying’s past lover had refined, then she might be able to replace that woman’s status in Li Moying’s heart.

This was exactly why Li Leyun put her pride aside and went to look for Grandmaster Xiao, the top rated Sky Gem Grandmaster whose expertise was in refining Profound Weapons.

When the female attendant heard that Le Leyun was doing it for Li Moying, she instantly kept silent.

Practically all of Cloudy Qilin clan’s unmarried young ladies were smitten with Li Moying. So she didn’t find it strange that Li Leyun was thinking of so many ways to please him.

Li Leyun leaned against the chair and muttered to herself, “One month… the timing is just nice. Brother Moying’s guard said that they will be coming to Sacred Phoenix Continent one month later, so I’ll just wait here for one month! Perhaps, I might even be able to meet with Brother Moying!”

The Spiritual Armament Masters were still talking about her in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber.

Huang Yueli took another look at Li Leyun walking away. Somehow, she felt that Li Leyun gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

But since it was just a chance encounter, she didn’t think too much about it.

She pinned the Spiritual Armament apprentice badge on her chest and walked to the Books Depository to purchase some books.

Every manual related to Spirit Armaments was extremely expensive. So when Huang Yueli walked in and saw the prices, she had a huge fright!