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Chapter 2918: Overthinking (2)

Purchasing Spirit Armament materials was a terrifying expense to those genuine Spiritual Armament Masters.

It was because the success rate of refining Spirit Armaments was very low.

To refine a Spirit Armament, they had to purchase several sets of materials.

As for a beginner like Huang Yueli, she might have to spend more than ten sets of materials in order to refine a complete Spirit Armament.

Moreover, she hadn’t even passed those Spiritual Armament apprentice examinations yet.

Did she have too much money, so she was squandering it to practice at home?

The look that the admission officer had towards Huang Yueli was totally different now!

A Lower Realm ascender had so much money. Did this person have some strong backing?

However, it only took a quarter of an hour before he realized that he had overthought things!

Huang Yueli indeed walked into the Spirit Armament materials room and indeed purchased some materials. But… the way she picked the items and the way she made the payment was different from a tycoon!

“This buddy, you’re here to purchase Spirit Armament materials, right? You seem to be an apprentice, is this your first time refining armaments? Then you have to buy a Spirit Armament furnace! Look at the ones we have here. These are standard models and it’s one size fits all! It is manufactured according to the standards given by Sky Gem Glass Chamber. The only difference is the materials which are used are different, and so are the pricing.”

“Buddy, you should know that the lower the rank of the Spiritual Armament Master, the lower the success rate of the Spirit Armament. It’s even more needless to say for an apprentice like you! If you buy a higher grade Spirit Armament furnace, it will greatly increase the success rate of your armament refining! Take this for example…”

The steward responsible for sales saw the hint in the admission officer’s eyes and instantly realized that this apprentice was a tycoon. The moment she walked in, he quickly promoted the items to Huang Yueli excitedly.

Whoever knew that she wasn’t even listening to him at all. Her eyes swept past the racks and pointed casually.

“I want that one!”

“Oh, alright. Little buddy, you’re so clear-cut! Then I’ll help you… eh? Are you certain you want to buy this one?”

The steward’s eyes opened wide when he followed the direction of Huang Yueli’s finger.

That was the cheapest Spirit Armament furnace on the entire rack! It was practically useless for Spirit Armament refining!

Not to mention a tycoon, even a poor Spirit Master apprentice would clench their teeth to purchase a higher grade Spirit Armament furnace. Otherwise, the probability of relying on one’s ability to control the fire and temperature was just too low! There would be no chance to officially convert into a genuine Spiritual Armament Master in this entire lifetime!

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Yes, I’m certain. Please help me pack this up!”

The steward looked at her in astonishment. Then he turned to the admission officer, as though he was trying to speak with his eyes. “Are you teasing me? Tycoon? Buying this?”

The admission officer couldn’t understand her actions at all. Wasn’t she very rich, and had too much money to squander? Otherwise, why was she able to purchase materials without even looking at the books?

Actually, when Huang Yueli bought the books earlier, she had already flipped through the contents in the book.

To others, that speed might not even allow them to take a clear look at the pictures. But to Huang Yueli who had a photographic memory, she had already grasped the important contents inside. At least she could remember what the basic low grade Spirit Armaments’ materials were required.

She walked to the materials rack and said the names of the materials that she needed. “Dark Bolt Thread, Sky Poison Crystal, Wild Volcanic Rock…”

She said out a long list of materials..