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Chapter 2907: Sky Gem Glass Chamber (3)

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“But Sky Gem Glass Chamber is a major force that is independent of the Twelve Continents. No matter if it is in terms of inheritance, it’s status in history, it does not pale in comparison to the ancient God clans. Although they can’t compete in terms of power, all the large clans still fight to fawn over the Sky Gem Glass Chamber!”

Hearing the waiter’s explanation, Huang Yueli nodded her head pensively.

In the past, Huang Zixiao also told her that God Realm’s top tier Holy Armament was something that only Life Profound Realm practitioners could refine. One’s inherent fated blood essence was one of the materials, and that Armament Master could only refine one piece in their entire lives.

This thing was something that ordinary practitioners could forget about going. Even if it was Dao Profound Realm’s top exponents, it was impossible to obtain one as well.

So all the large forces scrambled to fawn on Sky Gem Grandmasters.

The waiter coughed again. “What do you think? Now, do you know what kind of status does a Sky Gem Grandmaster holds?”

Huang Yueli nodded to show that she had gained some insight and hurriedly asked, “Then, for a Sky Gem Grandmaster like Grandmaster Xiao, is his status high enough? Does he have the right to use Sacred Phoenix Continent’s teleportation array?”

The waiter scoffed, “Isn’t that obvious? Sky Gem Grandmaster! What kind of status do you think that is? Even the Castellan of our Flame Square City has to bow down to him!”

“I see…” Huang Yueli muttered to herself irresolutely.

She roughly understood God Realm’s situation from reading the <>.

She knew that in each Continent, it would generally be demarcated into more than ten different cities, and those would be managed by various God clans’ higher management.

Taking the Flame Square City that she was in right now, the Castellan was an important branch family lord among the Sacred Phoenix Race’s descendants. In the clan, his status was on par with ordinary Elders. But if compared with Huang Sanbai, he was on a lower level.

For someone like this, he would be considered as a big shot in God Realm. However, a Sky Gem Grandmaster’s status was actually on par with the Castellan…

The waiter added, “Let’s stop talking about the Sky Gem Grandmaster. As long as a Spiritual Armament Master can refine a Spirit Armament, that person would be able to join the Sky Gem Glass Chamber as a junior member. He will also be entitled to use the teleportation array! Moreover, a Spiritual Armament Master’s income is also an imaginable amount. Ten thousand high grade crystal jades are nothing to them!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s lips couldn’t help but curl upwards!

Originally she was still worried about how to earn enough money to go to Cloudy Qilin Continent.

Now, the waiter had supplied her with a good train of thought…

If she could join the Sky Gem Glass Chamber and become a Spiritual Armament Master, then the problems that she faced now would all be resolved!

Huang Yueli quickly made a decision and turned around to ask, “Young brother, do you know where is the branch office of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber in Sacred Phoenix Continent? Which way should I go?”

“What? What did you just say?”

The surroundings were rather noisy and the waiter thought that he had heard wrongly!

Huang Yueli could only repeat her question one more time.

The waiter’s eyes widened as he looked at her in astonishment. He thought that he was developing hallucinations!

“What? Are you alright? You’re asking me how to go to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber? What do you want to do?”

He thought of the things that Huang Yueli said and an astonishing conclusion surfaced in his mind.

“Wait, don’t tell me that you’re intending to join the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, and later use that identity to request to use the teleportation array?? Haven’t you woken up from your dream yet!”