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Chapter 2906: Sky Gem Glass Chamber (2)

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Huang Yueli brought the topic up again.

The waiter frowned and was slightly surprised. “What? You’re still thinking about that teleportation array?”

He leaned a little closer and spoke softly, “To tell you the truth, the position of the teleportation array isn’t hard to find because every block of teleportation array is extravagantly built. Even from afar, you will be able to see it, and would not mistake it for something else!”

Huang Yueli smiled. “That’s great!”

“Great? Great my foot!” The waiter stared at her. “Did you think that that teleportation array belongs to your family? Can you stop dreaming? Do you know how much it costs to activate the teleportation array each time? At least ten thousand high grade crystal jades! Moreover, no matter how much money ordinary people have, don’t assume that Sacred Phoenix Race will definitely activate it for them. One has to verify that they are of a certain status first! Otherwise, why would they show you this face to do this service for you? Huh?”

The waiter suddenly got agitated and blurted out endlessly, his saliva splattering everywhere!

However, when he turned back to take a look, he realized that she wasn’t looking at him at all. Instead, her head tilted to one side and she was looking downstairs from the second floor of the teahouse.

The waiter coughed in displeasure. “Hey, are you listening to me or not? I’m telling you so much out of good intentions! If you don’t listen to my advice, don’t blame me for not reminding you when you get thrown out by them!”

But Huang Yueli was still looking downstairs attentively so she didn’t say a word.

The waiter found it a little strange and leaned closer. “What are you looking at?”

He walked to the railing, took a look downstairs, and said, “Oh!”

“So you’re looking at this… that’s true. Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s Grandmaster Xiao actually passed by this place. This isn’t something that happens every day…”

Downstairs the teahouse on the streets, a luxurious carriage slowly steered by.

The pedestrians on the streets saw the carriage and everyone shot a revered look in the carriage’s direction.

Several guests were secretly discussing this. One could tell from their conversation that it was full of envy and admiration.

“Why has Grandmaster Xiao come over to our district today?”

“Who knows? But I’m guessing that it should be a Dao Profound Realm top exponent who could invite Grandmaster Xiao over? Perhaps, it might be a large force from Sacred Phoenix Continent!”

“Sigh, I envy Grandmaster Xiao so much. He is so sought after, no matter where he goes…”

“There’s nothing to envy about! If you want to become a Spiritual Armament Master, you have to be extremely strict on yourself. Moreover, Grandmaster Xiao is Sacred Phoenix Continent’s top rated Sky Gem Grandmaster! As for you, it’s better to stop dreaming…”

Huang Yueli heard the noise and suddenly thought of something. Then she turned around and asked the waiter, “Young brother, the carriage downstairs… is he a Sky Gem Grandmaster?”

The waiter retracted his gaze and turned to look at Huang Yueli. He said disdainfully, “I didn’t expect a Lower Realm ascender to know about the Sky Gem Grandmaster as well?”

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about his tone. In her memories, she recalled the things that Huang Zixiao told her when she was undergoing the refinement in the inheritance tower. She muttered to herself, “An Armament Master who can refine Treasure Armaments are known as Sky Gem Grandmasters in God Realm. Their statuses are extremely revered… then what is the Sky Gem Glass Chamber?”

The waiter snorted and explained gleefully, “I thought you know everything! But in the end, don’t you still have to ask me? This Sky Gem Glass Chamber is an organization formed by God Realm’s Armament Masters. It’s equivalent to… your Lower Realm’s so-called Guild?”