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Chapter 2908: Sky Gem Glass Chamber (4)

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Huang Yueli frowned slightly, feeling displeased in her heart.

No one in Soaring Heavens Continent dared to talk to her in this way.

But now in God Realm, she had to conceal her identity and had to do everything in a low-key fashion. So she could only endure with this.

Huang Yueli took out another two pieces of medium grade crystal jades and placed them on the table.

“Are you going to tell me the way to Sky Gem Glass Chamber or not? If you don’t wish to do so, I’m going to ask someone else! I believe that there are plenty of people who know the way around here!”

It wasn’t just plenty!

Other than newbies like Huang Yueli, who was here for the first time, who wouldn’t know the way to such an iconic place?

When the waiter saw the crystal jades, he kept staring at it and hurriedly laughed it off. “Sir, why are you so impatient? I didn’t say that I don’t know! Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s branch can be found in the bigger city-states and there’s one here in Flame Square City as well. It’s located in the southeast part of the city. Just walk straight along this street to the end and you will reach that place…”

After Huang Yueli heard that, she tossed the two medium grade crystal jades to the waiter, then turned around and left.

The waiter held the crystal jades in his hand and looked at her departing figure. Then he sneered disdainfully.

“These Lower Realm ascenders are so amusing! Did they think that they had refined a few broken Profound Armaments in the Lower Realm and they can become out God Realm’s Spiritual Armament Masters? How dare he even have the cheek to ask the way to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber? Simply overestimating his abilities! He even dares to throw his temper?”

“Forget it, if he wants to go, just go! The people in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber are not easy-going people. When they see such a dumba*s who is so arrogant, they would absolutely show him some colors! By then, it’d be too late for him to cry! Anyway, it has nothing to do with me!”

The waiter picked up the crystal jades and hummed a tune as he walked into the teahouse.

As for Huang Yueli, she followed the waiter’s direction and walked along the street in front. Shortly after, she saw a special eye-catching building.

It was indeed like what the waiter said. Anyone could recognize it from far away.

There weren’t any guards stationed at the entrance of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber but no one dared to barge in.

Huang Yueli had some knowledge of God Realm’s arrays and knew that it was because there were many special arrays set up at the entrance. For those who couldn’t see through this, all they could see was the walls around the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, even if they went an entire round. They wouldn’t be able to find the main entrance at all.

Huang Yueli observed from the side for a little while and had already understood the way for her to enter.

She started to walk, preparing to head over.

Suddenly, she heard a sharp series of horseshoe sounds and there was even someone shouting in a high-pitch voice, “Move aside, move aside! All of you, get out of the way! A respectable Spiritual Armament Maser is going to Sky Gem Glass Chamber. All the outsiders should quickly get out of the way!”

Immediately following that, a horse carriage raced swiftly on the streets!

That person who spoke was very impolite, but the pedestrians on the streets didn’t show any dissatisfaction at all. Everyone hurriedly moved to the side.

The person in the carriage was a Spiritual Armament Master!

Even if it was just a junior Spiritual Armament Master, that person was someone that ordinary people could not afford to offend!

The carriage stopped right in front of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber. The curtains were lifted, and a young lady walked down slowly from the carriage.

She wore a hat, and a long muslin cloth dropped down and covered the top half of her face.. The faintly discernible look was very unclear, but just based on her sharp chin, fair complexion, and that curvy side view, one could tell that she was an extremely attractive and beautiful woman.