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Chapter 2874: New Spiritual Pet (4)

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The Azure Luan nodded and continued to lick the blood on Huang Yueli’s palm.

She was simply overjoyed!

She honestly didn’t expect such a scarce and fierce Azure Luan to initiate a contract with her!

Huang Sanbai said earlier that Azure Luans were extremely hard to rear. They could only force them to submit to them if they started rearing these birds since young…

She caressed its head and used her blood to draw out a rune, pressing it on the Azure Luan’s head.

Actually, God Realm’s spirit beasts and Lower Realm’s magical beasts were not exactly the same. So Huang Yueli wasn’t certain if the Lower Realm’s contractual method could work with the Azure Luan.

But luckily, it was very cooperative. Huang Yueli also had in-depth knowledge of array skills.

So after the contractual agreement failed twice, she followed along the direction of the energy and automatically adjusted a few array patterns and hand gestures. At least, she managed to take in this Azure Luan!

Little Phoenix was extremely unhappy but there was no way for it to stop this. Hence it could only watch Huang Yueli take in another new spiritual pet!

After she was done with the contractual agreement, Huang Yueli turned back and saw her Little Wang Cai’s begrudged face.

She couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “Alright, don’t be so upset! Didn’t you always complain that staying in the realm alone is very boring? Now, there’s someone… no, Azure Luan is there to accompany you! Isn’t that great?”

In the past when Huang Yueli was in the Lower Realm, she had once taken in a Golden Crested Vulture as her magical pet. Little Phoenix had always treated the vulture as its subordinate, commanding it around. It was so cocky back then!

Later on, Huang Yueli’s ability rose speedily. Before she ascended, she knew that little vulture would probably be bullied by God Realm’s spirit beasts and it would never have as much freedom as in the Lower Realm.

So before she went to the inheritance tower, she broke off the contractual agreement with little vulture and left it in Blue Profound Sect.

In this way, Little Wang Cai lost its subordinate. Every day, it would spend its time feeling lonely and would be noisier than usual.

Huang Yueli had always been thinking of taking in another spiritual pet to play with it. Now, with the Azure Luan, it was killing two birds with one stone!

She couldn’t think of a reason for Little Phoenix to object to this. So she casually patted its head and comforted it slightly.

Following that, she turned her head and said to the Azure Luan. “Since you’re already following me, we can’t keep calling you Azure Luan! In the future, your name is Prosperity! Since we’re contractually bonded, you can enter my realm, so we won’t have to worry about anyone seeing you! Your talon is injured, so quickly go in and rest!”

The Azure Luan nodded its head obediently and disappeared.

Huang Yueli waved her hand at Little Wang Cai and said, “Alright, we’ve settled that problem! I didn’t expect to make a contract with an Azure Luan. Isn’t this a blessing in disguise? Wang Cai, let’s leave this place quickly! The sky is almost turning dark and if we don’t find a safe place to spend the night, we might meet with trouble later!”

Saying that, she started to walk forward.

She failed to notice that Little Wang Cai was biting its lips with a begrudged look on its face behind her back!

In the past, one could tell that the silly vulture was a brainless creature hence it would become its subordinate. But this little sister Azure Luan had a powerful presence!

It was obvious that it would fight for her affection!

The only thing that it could be happy about was such a beautiful Azure Luan was given such a stupid name!


Female Devil’s mind was indeed full of money!