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Chapter 2875: New Spiritual Pet (5)

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It was already midnight when Huang Sanbai descended on the barren land with Huang Yueli.

Now after experiencing a battle and escaping to such a far distance, the sky was already pitch dark.

The surrounding light was becoming dimmer and dimmer.

Although Huang Yueli could use the flame to illuminate the place, based on many years of experience learning, she knew that even on a barren land like this, there could be various kinds of dangerous magical beasts hiding everywhere. God Realm’s spirit beasts were even more powerful than magical beasts and Huang Yueli didn’t understand their habits at all.

Even so, trying to hasten on her journey in a place like this was simply too dangerous.

Huang Yueli chose a big boulder as her camp and also used the Sky Phoenix Ring’s stored materials to set up a simple tent. She also set up a few arrays.

After Huang Yueli finished the setup, she lay down.

She had been on tenterhooks for the entire day and now that she had loosened up, she quickly went into dreamland.

The night was considered safe and no accidents happened. She was neither harassed by magical beasts nor pursued by Huang Sanbai.

Huang Yueli woke up early in the morning and made her breakfast out of some dry rations in her realm. She nibbled on it and pondered over her next step to take.

According to her original plan, she had to return to her own clan Sacred Phoenix Race immediately after she arrived in God Realm.

Huang Yueli was very experienced and she knew clearly that only a powerful force would help a practitioner increase their abilities and also supply a great deal of convenience!

Especially for Sacred Phoenix Race, a huge force with thousands of years of inheritance. The clan’s resources and the methods of nurturing their geniuses were not something that ordinary forces could compare with!

This plan was originally not difficult to execute.

But she didn’t expect that her secret of holding on to the Sky Phoenix Ring would be exposed so soon. Moreover, she was even pursued after by an Elder in the clan!

Now, things were a little troublesome.

Although she had temporarily escaped from Huang Sanbai’s pursuit, he would not let this go so easily.

Now that she already knew about his ambitions, he would definitely try to kill her because she found out about his fake amiable appearance!

Moreover, the Sky Phoenix Ring was such a huge temptation…

Returning to the Sacred Phoenix Race was simply walking into a trap.

Perhaps, before she even got a chance to meet with the clan leader, she might be captured by Huang Sanbai. As for what would happen after that, there was no need to say others at all.

If she didn’t go to the Sacred Phoenix Race…

Based on her innate talent and ability, if she went to any first rate force, she would be valued and nurtured.

But this was her first time here. So she didn’t know which forces were close to Sacred Phoenix Race. If she were to show herself and Huang Sanbai found her, that would spell trouble!

Huang Yueli thought about it and her expression turned melancholic.

Little Phoenix and the little sister Azure Luan sat by the pond and drank water together.

Azure Luan noticed its master showing a sad face and it made a gurgling sound as though it was asking a question.

Little Wang Cai had turned into a little shotacon and had propped his face up. “What do you know? Female Devil always shows this expression, and that’s not a problem at all! She’s just dreaming! Ever since Big Demon Lord left, she always shows this expression every other day. I really can’t take it!”

Little Wang Cai looked at her with disdain.

Huang Yueli heard its tender voice and an idea suddenly popped out!

Right, she had almost forgotten about this. Since she couldn’t go to Sacred Phoenix Race, surely she could go to Cloudy Qilin Clan to rely on Li Moying, couldn’t she?