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Chapter 2873: New Spiritual Pet (3)

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But it only flew for a short distance and noticed that something was wrong.

It’s Female Devil didn’t seem to chase up?

Little Wang Cai turned its head back quickly and realized that the Azure Luan was standing in front of Huang. At the same time, its huge body also blocked her way.

Little Wang Cai almost exploded as the sense of crisis spiked once again!

With a “whoosh”, it flew back next to Huang Yueli’s side and started chirping at the Azure Luan.

“What? What? What are you trying to do? Female Devil has already treated your injury! The old man that you taught a lesson is a traitor of the Sacred Phoenix Race. So it’s your duty to clear out rubbish like him! Don’t tell me you want my Female Devil to make you some roasted chicken drumsticks? You’re so big-sized, ten drumsticks aren’t even enough to feed you! But it’s not a matter of ten drumsticks. Even if it’s just one, This Lord will also not give it up to you!”

“I advise you to know your place and quickly return to Sacred Phoenix Race! Don’t rely on my Female Devil!”

Little Phoenix was hooting furiously whereas Huang Yueli’s brows creased slightly as she shook her head at the Azure Luan.

“Sister Azure Luan, although I also like you, I cannot take you with me! You also know that that old fellow Huang Sanbai isn’t dead yet There’s no witness in that barren land at all. By the time he returns to Sacred Phoenix Race, he will definitely make stories up and even make use of his forces to search and capture me! My current predicament is extremely dangerous. Moreover, you’re so cool and so eye-catching…”

Huang Yueli touched the soft fur under its feathers. It felt so good!

“Anyway, if I have to bring you along, I will not be able to hide from Huang Sanbai! Moreover, there’s no point for you to follow me because I don’t even know if I can escape successfully! But if you were to fly back to Sacred Phoenix Race, the clan will surely take good care of you. Even if it’s Huang Sanbai, he can’t find a reason to exact revenge on you!”

Although this Azure Luan had gone on a rampage and attacked Huang Sanbai, every single Azure Luan was considered as an important fortune for Sacred Phoenix Race. They wouldn’t possibly do anything to this Azure Luan because of this reason. At most, they would lock it up for some time.

After all, no one would ever believe that it had been controlled to attack another person with a motive.

The Azure Luan looked at Huang Yueli as it tilted its furry head. Its clear eyes were filled with puzzlement. Apparently, it couldn’t understand what she said.

Whereas for Little Wang Cai, it couldn’t be bothered to translate it for the Azure Luan. It flapped its little wings impatiently and said, “Female Devil says she can’t keep you with her! Quickly leave, leave, leave!”

The Azure Luan’s eyes flashed past a disappointed glint. After a while, it seemed to have thought things through. It suddenly walked up and stuck close to her.

“Hey, what are you trying to do again? Didn’t I tell you to leave?” Little Wang Cai hastily jumped out to protect his ownership!

The Azure Luan raised its neck and made a gargling sound. Then it lowered its head and used its sharp beak to peck on Huang Yueli’s palm!

She hadn’t reacted in time and a drop of blood appeared on her fair palm after the peck.

The Azure Luan immediately used its tongue to lick that drop of blood. Then it tried to bend down with much difficulty with its injured talons, wanting to kneel in front of her.

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment.. After that, her face lit up with joy. “What? You’re willing to acknowledge me as your owner, and become my contractual spirit beast?”