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Chapter 2864: Lass, go to hell! (4)

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Huang Sanbai’s ability had exceeded Huang Yueli’s imagination. If it wasn’t for the Sky Phoenix Ring’s protection, she would probably end up as a corpse right now!

Huang Yueli had never distinctly sensed the difference between a God Realm top exponents and lower realm practitioner before today!

It wasn’t only the disparity in their cultivations. The way they grasped their cultivation methods, Profound Skills, God Relics, and battle experiences were something that lower realm practitioners could match! This was an insurmountable gap that cannot be surpassed just based on innate talent and comprehension!

But even though she managed to block off Huang Sanbai’s sneak attack, she wasn’t out of danger yet.

Just as Huang Yueli was racking her brain to think of a way to escape, Huang Sanbai suddenly spoke!

“…. It indeed is the Sky Phoenix Ring! The Sky Phoenix Ring is truly with you!!”

This sentence seemed to explode beside her ears!

A boom exploded in her mind and she suddenly understood why Huang Sanbai would sneak an attack on her!

Because of her status as Sacred Phoenix Race’s only god grade genius, the other clansmen worshiped her so dearly. So, she initially couldn’t understand why such an esteemed and respectable Elder like Huang Sanbai would want to kill her…

So… it was actually for the Sky Phoenix Ring!

But she had never revealed the secret of the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Huang Yueli’s thoughts were racing swiftly as she lifted her head and stared intently at Huang Sanbai. “You… what are you talking about? I don’t understand at all! Huang Sanbai, you… as a Sacred Phoenix Race’s Elder, you actually… actually tried to kill a genius from the clan! You’re simply deranged! Why do you have to do such a thing??”

Huang Sanbai swept her a glance and sneered, “Stop pretending! What do you mean by you don’t understand?”

“If the Sky Phoenix Ring isn’t on you, then what’s that gold-coloured Phoenix imprint that flew out from your body earlier? Hmm?”

Huang Yueli immediately denied it. “That… that’s nothing… What Ring? That’s just my defense Spirit Armament…”

Before she could finish the sentence, Huang Sanbai snorted coldly and said, “Enough, I told you to stop pretending! Do you really treat me like a fool? What defense Spirit Armament will allow a mere Dream Profound Realm practitioner like you to ward off my full power attack?? Moreover, the phoenix imprint that appeared in the sky earlier is our Sacred Phoenix Race’s totem! Sky Phoenix Ring is Sacred Phoenix Race’s Number One God Relic. Every clansman recognizes that imprint!”

“This… I really don’t understand what you mean… I’m just a lower realm practitioner so how could I possibly have the clan’s Number One God Relic?”

Huang Yueli knew that things were about to turn out badly today. But she was trying to find ways to drag things out. So she racked her brains to think of a plan.

When Huang Sanbai heard her say that, he started to burst out into hysterical laughter!

“That’s right, isn’t it strange? Let me tell you the truth then. On that day when you arrived in God Realm, I already knew that you had the Sky Phoenix Ring on you when you met with danger in the void space! Back then, you were unconscious, and your head almost crashed against meteorite fragments! If it was any other practitioner, that person would definitely end up injured or dead. But the Sky Phoenix Ring imprint in your body burst out and swallowed the meteorite fragments! Void space energy is contained in those meteorite fragments! If it wasn’t for the fact that you have the special Sky Phoenix Ring on you, even if you’re a Dao Profound Realm top exponent, you can forget about refining it!”

Hearing that, the corners of Huang Yueli’s lips uncontrollably twitched.. She felt so helpless in this situation.