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Chapter 2865: Lass, go to hell! (5)

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Never did she expect her secret to be exposed on the very first day of her arrival to God Realm!

No wonder she managed to sustain in the void space for such a long time after she lost consciousness, and eventually still arrived in God Realm. So, the Sky Phoenix Ring had been protecting her!

Huang Sanbai noticed her shocked look and added, “I might as well tell you another secret so that you will understand what you’re dying for! During your ascension to God Realm, the reason why so many meteorite fragments crashed into you in the void space was because of the Sky Phoenix Ring! Void space energy could dramatically increase the Sky Phoenix Ring’s energy. So that’s why it would automatically attract the surrounding meteorite fragments around it, to swallow them.”

“Speaking of this, I ought to thank you for this! It’s all thanks to your ascension that helped to absorb so many meteorite fragments. Otherwise, if I have to go into the void space myself, I might not be able to gather so much energy. Moreover, I will have to take a huge risk…”

Speaking to this point, Huang Yueli finally understood what was going on.

Even in God Realm, the God Relic, Sky Phoenix Ring was of the highest grade. Huang Sanbai was considered to be God Realm’s first rate top exponent. So in order to obtain this God Relic, he did not hesitate to take the risk!

Moreover, her understanding of the Sky Phoenix Ring was simply too little!

That was why she accidentally revealed her secret. Moreover, she wasn’t aware of it at all…

If she was able to escape, she would definitely learn a painful lesson out of this!

“How is it? Do you understand it now?” Huang Sanbai smiled coldly as he slowly approached her. “Since you understand it now, then obediently hand over the Sky Phoenix Ring!”

Seeing him walking nearer and nearer, Huang Yueli immediately cried out hastily, “Wait!”

Huang Sanbai didn’t stop in his tracks. “Stop your useless struggle! The difference between our cultivations is just too great. You will die today, without a doubt! It’s better to hand over the Sky Phoenix Ring on your own and help me to get acknowledged. In that way, I will not have to mutilate your body!”

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth and attempted to reason with him.

“Elder Sanbai, you… you’ve got to think through this clearly! Just for a mere God Relic, are you going to murder the clan’s god grade genius? This matter is simply shocking! If I disappeared, wouldn’t the clan try to trace my whereabouts? There’s no secret in the world. If this fails, you will become a fugitive! By then, you will still die! Even if you obtained the God Relic, what use could it do?”

Huang Sanbai shot her a glance as though he was looking at a retard.

“Indeed a country bumpkin from the Lower Realm, you don’t know anything at all! Back then, our clan’s strongest first clan leader, also known as Emperor Flame, was defeated by Cloudy Qilin Clan’s King Thunderbolt. As a result, our clan’s crown God Relic was also shattered and fell into the Lower Realm! Back then, the clan came out with an iron rule. Anyone who found the Sky Phoenix Ring would become Sacred Phoenix Race’s new clan leader! This clan rule had been passed down for generations, and all the clansmen had been thinking of ways to find the Sky Phoenix Ring. Unfortunately, there were no clues at all…”

As he spoke, his gaze turned fanatical and harsh, and he looked at Huang Yueli with extreme greed.

“Now, as long as I find the Sky Phoenix Ring, I will be able to become the new clan leader! Even if they know that I killed you, what can they do? Are they going to make the new clan leader a fugitive? All the resources in Sacred Phoenix Race will belong to me! I have been trapped in the Dao Profound Realm for several thousand years, and if I don’t break through soon, my life will end very soon! If I have access to the clan’s resources, I will definitely be able to breakthrough to the Life Profound Realm!”