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Chapter 2863: Lass, go to hell! (3)

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A loud sound was heard!

Huang Sanbai felt his Profound Energy and a tremendous wave of impact gushing up towards him!

Although this energy was slightly weaker than him, it was still very powerful and it caught him unaware. He was thrown back by several steps and his arm felt numb and sore!

At the same time, the explosion caused a strong earthquake. The shattered rocks and loose sand on the ground swirled into the air. Heaven and Earth were in a state of murky chaos which totally reduced one’s visibility.

Huang Sanbai revealed an astonished expression after he managed to stand still!

“This…. what’s going on??”

He was a Dao Profound Realm mid-phase top exponent and in the entire God Realm, he was considered as an outstanding top exponent.

Although the young lady he was dealing with was a rare god grade genius in God Realm who had astounding innate talent, this young lass was still in her teens. She had just ascended to God Realm and her cultivation was merely in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase. This wasn’t a secret at all.

The disparity between their abilities was extremely huge and Huang Sanbai was very cautious when he made his move. He had practically used his strongest move so that he could get an instant kill!

Under this situation, Huang Sanbai had never thought that he would slip up!

The smoke in the skies slowly dissipated and Huang Sanbai widened his eyes to look in front. He saw that Huang Yueli had flown a distance away.

At this moment, she was struggling to get up. Above their heads, a huge, blurred golden coloured phoenix image was rapidly shrinking, merging into her body.

Huang Sanbai seemed to have understood something and his entire face became twisted. He gritted his teeth and hissed, “It’s indeed the Sky Phoenix Ring!! The Sky Phoenix Ring is really with you! Moreover, it had wrecked my plan!!”

At this moment, every inch of Huang Yueli’s body seemed as though it was torn apart, as the pain seeped into her bones.

She did not detect any danger initially when they left the Soul Connection Ocean. But when the Azure Luan landed on this barren land, she suddenly felt a trace of abnormality.

Somehow, she felt that Huang Sanbai’s tone sounded a little strange.

But if she had to say it in detail, she couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

However, Huang Yueli had always been more cautious than most people, and she had been keeping on guard carefully.

When she noticed that Huang Sanbai tried to send her away several times, Huang Yueli pondered over this for some time but still decided to do what he said.

After all, there were only the two of them here. Huang Sanbai’s strength was so much stronger than her. If he lost his patience and forcibly took action, she wouldn’t be his match anyway.

Since that was the case, she should listen to his arrangement and loosen up his vigilance so that she could catch him off guard!

Having thought through this clearly, Huang Yueli decided to go to the pond to collect some water.

At the same time, she gathered all her concentration and silently guarded against Huang Sanbai’s sudden attack!

As expected, she had just reached the pond and Huang Sanbai caught up with her moments later. Moreover, he did not hesitate in attacking her suddenly.

Even though Huang Yueli was prepared, she totally couldn’t ward off such a powerful blow!

At the crucial moment, the Sky Phoenix Ring within her developed a reaction!

In that instance when her protection profound qi was suddenly broken, the Sky Phoenix Ring abruptly flew out from in between her eyebrows and a gust of powerful energy exploded to block off this attack!

Even so, Huang Yueli was heavily injured. Not only was her entire body in pain, but even her internal organs and meridians were also seriously injured!

But Huang Yueli still felt very fortunate.