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Chapter 2862: Lass, go to hell! (2)

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Now, other than the practitioners who were injured by Li Moying earlier, the rest of them queued up in one single line in the courtyard.

Li Moying’s vision swept past all of them.


Not her!

Still nope!

There were so many people around, but none of them was his Li’er!

But, how was this possible? Earlier Steward Lu had clearly told them that Sacred Phoenix Race’s Elder had personally picked Huang Yueli up. Moreover, they brought her to this sentry post to recuperate…


Li Moying’s eyes squinted and he suddenly noticed another abnormality.

Steward Lu claimed that the one leading the Sacred Phoenix Race this time was the esteemed Elder Huang Sanbai. Li Moying had once seen his picture in the clan and he knew that this old man was obviously not in the sentry post right now!

There were so many practitioners in the Sacred Phoenix Race but only Huang Yueli and Huang Sanbai were missing…

Li Moying’s reversed his thoughts and immediately understood what was going on. Huang Sanbai should have hurried back to claim the credit so he specially brought Huang Yueli back to the clan first!

Li Moying himself was a god grade genius so he knew how much emphasis an ancient clan placed on their own clan’s god grade genius! It was only reasonable for them to leave in such a hurry.

He pondered for moments and immediately waved his hand and commanded, “Let’s go!”

Saying that, Li Moying immediately turned around and walked out of the sentry post’s courtyard.

The guards exchanged a look and couldn’t understand why Li Moying would leave so decisively. But they obeyed his command to leave immediately.

Huang Ruiling and the others climbed up from the ground with much difficulty after the Cloudy Qilin Clans’ practitioners had all vanished from their sights.

Everyone looked suspiciously in the direction that they left, and they were totally puzzled.

“What’s going on? I thought… when that leader of the pack could not find Young Miss Li, he would be so angry that he would continue to interrogate us! Why did he leave so easily?”

“Who knows what he’s thinking of? Could it be that he feels there was an error in the information he received so he gave up after he couldn’t find her?”

Huang Ruiling bit her lip and said worriedly, “I’m afraid that this matter isn’t that simple! That young practitioner who was leading the pack looks rather extraordinary. He doesn’t seem to be someone who we can bluff so easily! Perhaps, he might have already realized that Elder Sanbai and Young Miss Li are already on their way back to the Sacred Phoenix Continent! They left in such a hurry, probably because they wanted to chase after them!”

The other practitioners were stunned. They took a careful look and felt that it really seemed so.

But they weren’t worried at all. “So what even if they chased after them? Look at those fellows from the Cloudy Qilin Clan. They’re all so young so no matter how high their innate talents are, their cultivation and strength are definitely limited! Young Miss Li is together with Elder Sanbai! If they dare to seek trouble with them, they are the ones who will run into bad luck!”

Huang Ruiling was still feeling uneasy, but what the clansmen said made sense.

Huang Sanbai was a Dao Profound Realm mid-phase top exponent. He was rather famous in the clan.

How could it be possible that he could not deal with a few young Cloudy Qilin clan top exponents?

At this moment, on a piece of barren land near the Soul Connection Ocean.

“Young lass, go to hell! It’s really a waste of your god grade innate talent, but unfortunately, your luck is just so bad. Having too much is as bad as too little. I hope you can understand this in your next life!”

Huang Sanbai’s speed was extremely swift. It only took a split second, and his Profound Energy was already right above Huang Yueli’s head!