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Chapter 2861: Lass, go to hell! (1)

The first question he asked was about their god grade genius’s whereabouts!

Was there a need to even think about what kind of motive he had?

The news about Huang Yueli’s ascension had probably reached Cloudy Qilin Clan. These people should have specially come over to stop their god grade genius from returning to the Sacred Phoenix Race!

If they were to discover her whereabouts, perhaps they wouldn’t just capture her. They might even kill her to eliminate future threats!

In an instance, Huang Ruiling’s mind flashed past several thoughts.

Li Moying asked impatiently, “Where is she?”

A guard behind him stepped forward and grabbed Huang Ruiling’s throat and interrogated, “Didn’t you hear what my Young Master asked? Where’s the young lady that Huang Sanbai saved??”

The guard’s ferocious look made Huang Ruiling believe that her guess was right.

Cloudy Qilin Clan sent out top experts to pursue after them, with the intention to hurt their god grade genius!

Huang Ruiling felt suffocated but she clenched her teeth and said, “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about. What… what young lady? There’s no such person!”

“No such person?” The guard sneered. “Earlier, Manager Li had already confessed! Huang Sanbai saved a young lady in the void space! Are you treating our Young Master like an idiot? Quickly tell us the truth!”

Huang Ruiling felt that she was protecting the clan’s genius hence she would rather die than submit to them.

“Pooh! Cloudy Qilin Clan’s scums, keep dreaming! Even if you asked me a thousand times, I will still tell you that I don’t know anything at all!”

The other practitioners had the same thinking in mind. For their clan, no one was willing to give in and all of them echoed in agreement.

“That’s right! We Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners are all unyielding people. Did you think that we would be afraid of you?”

“We already said that we don’t know anything. Why don’t you kill us, if you dare to?”

“You… wretched lass!” The guard was thoroughly angered and he totally did not have any tender feelings for the lady at all. Lifting his hand, he was just about to slap Huang Ruiling!

Li Moying frowned and called out to stop him. “Enough! Forget it since we can’t get any information. We’ll go in and search for ourselves!”

He was here to look for Huang Yueli. As for the grievance between Cloudy Qilin Clan and Sacred Phoenix Race, it wasn’t something within his concern. Hence he wasn’t willing to waste too much time here.

Saying that he took the lead and barge into the sentry post.

When the guards saw that, they couldn’t be bothered to continue with the interrogation as well. All of them pushed the Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners aside and followed next to Li Moying.

When he stepped into the courtyard, he lifted his hand and commanded, “Search!”

The guards responded and split up.

He quickly walked into the first room and searched personally.

Li Moying’s heart was burning with anxiety. Thinking of his beloved little fox that he was about to meet, he totally could not bear to wait any longer. Hence his speed was astonishingly fast.

But he went around the entire courtyard and checked through all the rooms personally. Yet he still could not find his little wife!

Li Moying’s brows furrowed deeper and deeper.

Where had his Li’er gone to?

Somehow, an ominous feeling arose in his heart, which made him feel that something major was about to happen.

When Li Moying returned to the courtyard, the guards had also finished their searches. So they returned to his side.

This sentry post had been booked by Huang Sanbai. So the people living in the sentry post were all Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners and servants.

When the guards searched the rooms, they also chased all of the people out at the same time..