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Chapter 2860: Why Is It Her Again? (5)

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Thinking of this, Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners all started to get excited.

If they could beat up the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s practitioners until they could not take care of themselves, they would be able to boast about their own abilities once they return to the clan!

Everyone was feeling excited and couldn’t think straight. So they immediately held up the weapons and charged towards the people from the Cloudy Qilin Clan!

Steward Lu’s face turned white when he saw this happening!

“Oh oh, Young Miss Ling, Young Master Li… and all top experts here… please take things over. Don’t… don’t be so agitated…”

Steward Lu was really nervous!

If Cloudy Qilin Clan and Sacred Phoenix Race were to fight at the Soul Connection Ocean, no matter which side got into an accident, he as a steward would get into trouble for this!

Alas, no one was willing to listen to a mere steward like him.

Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners were aggressive and they instantly rushed towards the opponents!

Li Moying’s guards had a cold expression on their faces and their gazes were determined without any intention to back down!

The geniuses that Cloudy Qilin Clan trained originally worshipped the strong. They were picked to be the guards for the future Clan Leader meant that these practitioners’ innate talent, determination, and strength were not to be undermined!

Even if they were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, they weren’t afraid of these riff-raffs.

But this time, before they made a move, a cold voice shouted from their backs. “Move aside!”

The guards were stunned and before they could respond, they sensed an extremely powerful Profound energy shooting across the tops of their heads and charged towards Sacred Phoenix Race!

Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners had a determination to succeed and all that was in their minds was to charge forward.

Unfortunately, when they crashed into Li Moying’s Profound Energy, they were shocked by the electric currents and sent flying!

An originally intense fight was settled within one breath’s time!

Steward Lu’s eyeballs almost fell out when he saw this!

Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Master, what background… did he have? Why was his power so strong!

Moreover, why hadn’t he seen him in the past?

God Realm’s younger generation top geniuses were mostly listed on the Cyan Cloud Record. His name would be spread throughout the whole place and very few people wouldn’t be able to recognize this situation.

But the Young Master in front of him was an unfamiliar face…

Steward Lu had not thought of this previously that this person was the legendary god grade genius in Cloudy Qilin Clan! Because normal people would not think that a god grade genius would ever come in person to this poor countryside place!

Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners laid on the ground in a pile.

Li Moying knew his limits and he didn’t hurt them too badly. At most he only made them fracture a few bones and none of them were seriously injured.

But even so, Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners were totally terrified!

They had just assumed that they were going to succeed and no one expected them to meet such an extraordinary top exponent!

Li Moying slowly walked over from his guards and looked down at Huang Ruiling.

“Steward Lu said that Huang Sanbai saved a young lady a few days ago in the Soul Connection Ocean. Where is she right now? Bring me to meet her!”

Huang Ruiling was feeling sore and painful from the fall and hadn’t climbed up yet when she heard Li Moying’s question.

She instantly shivered and her complexion turned even paler!

Without a doubt, the young lady Li Moying was talking about was Huang Yueli, their Sacred Phoenix Race’s god grade genius!

A Cloudy Qilin Clan’s genius top exponent hurried all the way from his clan to the Soul Connection Ocean.