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Chapter 2824: Who Are You Calling Your Senior? (4)

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She was obviously still very young like a flower bud and she had just got married!

She was actually greeted “Old Madam” by a wrinkly old man!

How could she even take this lying down?

Huang Yueli was originally intending to ignore him. But when she heard what he said, she couldn’t take it and opened her eyes and she shot an angry gaze at him.

She suddenly realized that she had met this old man several times previously.

In the past when she was in Celestial Light Sect, this Great Elder would always flaunt his seniority. He would treat Li Moying with disrespect, what more for her.

When she saw him, she couldn’t help but frown. “Celestial Light Sect’s Great Elder? Why is it you? What are you doing here?”

Great Elder didn’t expect this Senior top exponent, who was about to ascend, to recognize him!

It made him feel overwhelmingly flattered!

Even those practitioners who were standing next to him also showed envious expressions on their faces!

What honor it was to be recognized by such an incredible Senior! Celestial Light Sect was indeed South Sky Region’s Number One Sect!

Great Elder felt delighted from being recognized and his joy could be seen on his face. Of course, he found that it was slightly strange. Somehow, he seemed to find this Senior’s voice slightly familiar?

But he didn’t think too much about this and hurriedly bowed. “Senior, all of us happened to see the abnormality in the sky today. The tribulation clouds have gathered and we know that some top expert must be going through the heavenly tribulation and ascending to God Realm. So we especially came to partake in Senior’s glamourous moment. Will Old Madam please…”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched and twitched again. She simply could not bear to continue hearing what he said!

“Enough, I understand what you mean! But I don’t need your help. You also don’t need to give me any gifts. If you want to comprehend the Heaven and Earth laws, you can do some comprehension on your own further away. Just make sure you don’t disturb me! Don’t blame me for not reminding you. The next few stages of heavenly tribulation will get stronger and stronger. Based on your cultivation levels, you might die a horrible death if you’re not careful enough!”

Huang Yueli was an intelligent lady so of course, she knew what Great Elder and the others’ intentions were.

Thinking that they didn’t have any malicious intentions, she couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to them. She only wanted to get rid of them quickly.

So this time, she said a little more and those practitioners seemed to realize that something wasn’t quite right.

This voice… it sounded a little too young!

Rather than saying that she was a three hundred-year-old Senior, it sounded like… a young lady’s voice!

Everyone felt that something was amiss but under this powerful top exponent’s might, all of them didn’t dare to lift their heads and they were almost stifled to death.

Great Elder, whose status was called out by this Senior, felt that she should have some links to Celestial Light Sect. So he felt rather confident about it. So on hearing Huang Yueli trying to chase them away, he didn’t immediately leave. Instead, he took a few steps forward and said, “Senior, Old Madam you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Huang Yueli hissed at him in anger.

“WHO-ARE-YOU-CALLING-OLD-MADAM? If I ever hear you calling me that again, don’t blame me for ignoring our past ties and beating all of you up! Leave right now, as far as you can!”

Hearing the young lady’s exasperated voice, no matter how retarded one was, they would feel that it was not normal.

Great Elder plucked up his courage and lifted his head to take a look with reverence and awe.. His eyes instantly widened and a look of disbelief spread all over his face!