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Chapter 2825: Who Are You Calling Your Senior? (5)

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“You… you… aren’t you…” Great Elder was tongue-tied. He was so shocked that he almost fainted!

He should be having a dream? Was this a dream? Or…a dream?

Why did he suddenly feel that this Senior in front of him seemed like someone he had met previously…

A talented young lady who had once stayed in Celestial Light Sect for a while, and that person was Young Sect Master Li’s fiancée! Later on, she followed Li Moying to Sky Emperor City!

That year when Bai Ruoli was still in Celestial Light Sect, she was indeed one of the Sect’s top rated talented geniuses. But… but…

If he didn’t remember wrongly, this young lass was still very young. She’s probably not even twenty years old yet!

“No… Impossible. I must have seen wrongly… Yes, I must have seen wrongly… Could it be because it’s too hot here, that’s why my senses are not clear?”

Great Elder was so shocked that he started to mutter irresolutely to himself. Huang Yueli had already lifted her head impatiently.

She said with a cold expression, “Great Elder, we haven’t met for a long time! Back then when we were in Celestial Light Sect, Moying and I have always been in your care.”

Hearing that, Great Elder jumped up!

This… Senior actually mentioned Li Moying!!

Could it be that she really was Bai Ruoli that young lass?

“You… you are… Bai Ruoli?” Great Elder thought through it and asked in a trembling voice.

Huang Yueli nodded her head composedly, “That’s right, it’s me!”

“B…Bu…But… But how… how is this possible?? You… when you left Sky Cloud City, weren’t you only in fifth stage realm??” Great Elder couldn’t suppress the shock in him and practically screeched.

This way, all the surrounding practitioners heard what he said and they were all stunned!

“What? This Senior is actually… she’s Bai Ruoli who used to be in Celestial Light Sect??”

“What joke is this? When Bai Ruoli left Celestial Light Sect, she seemed to be only fifteen years old? Then now, isn’t she just eighteen?”

“How could there be such a ridiculous matter?? There must be a mistake somewhere! It must be some old witch trying to impersonate her!”

“But.. but take a careful look. She looks exactly like Bai Ruoli!”

Everyone’s eyeballs almost fell onto the ground. All of them couldn’t help but start to talk about this!

In the past when Huang Yueli was in Sky Cloud City, her reputation was rather well-known as well. Not only was she one of the top geniuses in the South Sky Region, but she also had a peerless fiancé like Li Moying!

She had always been in the limelight in the past few banquets and experience learning sessions that Celestial Light Sect had organized.

Because of this, all the practitioners in the ninth stage realm had seen her a couple of times.

She was exceptionally beautiful so most people couldn’t forget about her looks after they saw her.

Everyone stared at her for a long time and couldn’t help but admit that although she looked a little disheveled right now, the lady in front of them seemed really to be Bai Ruoli!!

This discovery made everyone stunned and surprised!

At the same time, it was a huge blow on them!

These ninth stage realm practitioners were considered as top rated exponents in South Sky Region. They had always been imposing and felt good about themselves, thinking that their innate talents were very powerful.

Even though their cultivation levels couldn’t be compared to the peerless top experts from Sky Emperor City, but all of them would comfort themselves by saying that South Sky Region’s resources were limited. Hence that had delayed their development.

But now?

She also came from South Sky Region and was only eighteen. But… she’s about to ascend??