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Chapter 2823: Who Are You Calling Your Senior? (3)

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From the outside, one simply couldn’t tell that she was the peerless beauty who had once caused a commotion in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Li’s fiancée!

Most of them couldn’t even tell her age and merely gauged that she was a woman from her tattered dress.

“I didn’t expect the person to ascend this time to be a female Senior.”

Everyone looked at that figure with the utmost admiration. At the same time, they tried to recall how many powerful female top exponents were there in Soaring Heavens Continent. Those who needed to ascend would at least be three hundred years old, wasn’t it?

But after thinking over so long, they still weren’t able to verify it so they could only look at the Great Elder from Celestial Light Sect.

Great Elder assumed that he was the leader of the pack so he could only brace himself to walk forward. He bowed down respectfully almost his forehead was almost touching the ground.

After that, he raised his voice and said in a bright and loud voice, “This… Senior, we juniors are practitioners from South Sky Region. All of us sensed that Old Madam is going through the heavenly tribulation in South Sky Region so we’ve come to offer some of our treasures. Please accept these!”

Huang Yueli had just passed through the six stage heavenly tribulation. She was adjusting her inner flow of energy while the tribulation cloud was re-accumulating its energy.

The previous six stage heavenly tribulation power was much weaker than what she thought. At least, she could still handle it.

Thinking of the time when Li Moying passed through the six stage heavenly tribulation, he suffered a light injury. But for Huang Yueli, she only felt a huge amount of pressure and did not sustain any injuries at all.

Taking the time to adjust her breath, she thought over it carefully and understood the reason for it.

When Li Moying was going through the tribulation, he had increased his Profound Energy through his own effort to advance into the tenth stage realm. He also didn’t have any Profound Armaments to aid him hence his pressure was naturally larger, which caused him to be injured easily.

But Huang Yueli advanced because she had comprehended the <> and even grasped the fifth stage conceptualization!

After comprehending the conceptualizations, she was able to tell the small little flaws in the heavenly fire. Hence she used the most minimal effort to crush it!

In comparison, Li Moying relied on his powerful Profound Energy to fight against the heavenly tribulation, hence the amount of energy he spent was naturally more than hers.

Having thought through this, Huang Yueli was much more relaxed. From the looks of this, the difficulty of the remaining four stages of heavenly tribulations should dramatically decrease.

While Huang Yueli was resting with her eyes shut, she was aware that people were approaching her. But she didn’t bother too much about it.

Now, she was in the middle of her heavenly tribulation and the power of it grew with each passing stage.

It did not matter to her what their motive was. Whether if it was just a pure coincidence that they happened to pass by, or if the curiosity in them was piqued, or even if they were attempting to scheme on her. In front of the heavenly tribulation’s might, they were only looking for trouble!

So Huang Yueli didn’t even bother to open her eyes because she was fully concentrating on recuperating her strength and adjusting her breathing.

Rather than letting these absurd people divert her attention, she might as well take the time to quickly rest. The heavenly tribulation in front of her was the greatest crisis right now!

But these bystanders did not run away from shock after they saw the tribulation cloud above her head. They even approached her quickly and took the initiative to talk to her.

Huang Yueli, who was like a statue, finally swayed a little and frowned.

“Senior? Old Madam?” Did she really look that old??