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Chapter 2816: Three God Relics (6)

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She could differentiate which Spirit Armament was better, alright?

But her situation was a little special…

Huang Yueli couldn’t voice out her difficulties so she could only accept the label that she was a “country bumpkin lass with no common sense”.

Her eyes shifted onto the porcelain bottle in mid-air.

She hurriedly diverted the topic. “That’s right, Senior Huang, that’s the porcelain bottle too! Is that my reward as well?”

Huang Zixiao lifted his hand and the clear jade-like porcelain bottle landed in his palm.

This bottle was very small, just half the size of his palm, and the exterior was translucent. However, they could not see the item inside.

Huang Zixiao carefully caressed the bottle and from his expression, he seemed as though he couldn’t bear to part with it.

Earlier when he passed the god grade profound skill manual and high grade Spirit Armament to Huang Yueli, he didn’t appear to be so careful. So this piqued her interest.

The item inside the porcelain bottle was definitely something valuable!

Huang Yueli asked, “Senior Huang, what’s inside this porcelain bottle? Could it be that… it’s some kind of medicinal pill in God Realm that allows the person to comprehend one stage of conceptualization after swallowing one pill??”

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened like full moons as she started to delve into her imagination…

Ancient God clan’s god pill that was kept away! The medicinal effect of it should be very good, right?

Huang Zixiao’s lips twitched again as he swept her a glance and said irritably, “Fat hope! Where would you find such a miraculous medicinal pill in this world? After you break through to the tenth stage realm, it is extremely difficult to even raise your cultivation by a small realm! Taking this pill and you will be able to advance, in your dreams!”

After his mockery, he held the bottle in his hand and eased his tone. “But the item inside this porcelain bottle is a rare treasure that can help lift your cultivation! These are ten drops of phoenix inherent fated blood essence!”

“Phoenix’s inherent fated blood essence??” Huang Yueli screamed in shock!

When he saw her shocked look, his traumatized heart was slightly comforted.

Finally, there was something in his hand that could shock this senseless young lass…

“Phoenix’s inherent fated blood essence is different from ordinary phoenix blood. A phoenix is larger and it has a lot of blood. The phoenix blood contains a phoenix’s power and energy but there’s still a limit to it. However, a phoenix’s inherent fated blood essence is similar to a practitioner’s inherent fated blood essence and is very valuable. It contains a huge amount of powerful energy within! Even in God Realm, this is an extremely valuable resource. The clan’s heaven grade geniuses often fight over a single drop of phoenix blood essence.”

Saying that he passed the porcelain bottle to Huang Yueli. “There are ten drops inside! From the day since the inheritance tower existed, you are the only one who obtained this reward in the past thousands of years! You must remember to make use of each drop carefully. If you use it well, just based on these phoenix blood essence, it is sufficient for you to advance into Heart Profound Realm!”

Huang Yueli happily received the porcelain bottle and she felt extremely excited!

This reward was simply too awesome!

This was the true-blue rare treasure, something that even mountains of gold could not exchange for!

Sacred Phoenix Race was indeed an ancient God clan that was capable of accumulating this.

But she didn’t open it up. Instead, she only took a look and carefully kept it away.

Now that she was about to ascend, there was no time to refine these phoenix blood essence. Once she opened it, who knew how much energy would be lost. So she had to wait for the right moment to open it up.

She still had this little bit of common sense…