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Chapter 2817: Kicked Out (1)

Huang Zixiao looked as though he was reluctant to part with it. Sighing for a moment, he said, “These blood essences were hard to come by. That year, it was only through a coincidence that we managed to obtain it. In the past thousands of years, the clan no longer had any fresh phoenix blood essence so one drop used is one drop lost.”

Huang Yueli beamed and said, “Since it’s so valuable, then it should all be used on a god grade genius like me, am I right to say that?”

Looking at her delightful look, Huang Zixiao was speechless.

She said it with such good logic that he could not retort to it!

After a moment later, Huang Zixiao thought of something and said, “But phoenix blood essence isn’t the best resource in the clan. I heard that the essence of a phoenix’s energy is mostly gathered in the phoenix’s blood core!”

“Phoenix blood core? What’s that?” she asked curiously.

Huang Zixiao explained, “It’s similar to a magical beast core. The blood core is the core energy within an ancient spiritual beast. Ordinary magical beast cores can be used to aid in cultivation and are extremely valuable, what more for ancient spiritual beast cores?”

Huang Yueli said in enlightenment, “I see!” At the same time, she was a little amazed. “Sacred Phoenix Race’s god clan’s descendants are still collecting phoenix blood cores?? This… this is too incredible, isn’t it?”

Without Huang Zixiao making any further explanation, she knew how valuable this resource was!

Don’t think that a phoenix was so big and the blood could fill several phoenix blood pools. But an ancient spiritual beast core isn’t any bigger than any ordinary magical beast cores. At most, it was only the size of a palm!

Moreover, ancient spiritual beasts were originally scarce and its character was extremely proud. If it wasn’t willing to offer its blood core to Sacred Phoenix Race, even if they were to forcibly hunt phoenixes, it would rather self-explode itself before its death than leave its blood core for its enemy…

Huang Zixiao looked satisfactorily at her astonished look. “Ancient god clan’s accumulation will far surpass your imagination! You will find out once you reach God Realm! But the phoenix blood core is really too scarce so even if it was the Patriarch, he would not dare to recklessly utilize it. But if it was a god grade genius like you… perhaps there might be an exception! By then…”

Huang Zixiao was afraid that she would still be so senseless to offend others when she reached God Realm so he took the opportunity to teach her about some basic knowledge.

But he was in the middle of his sentence when he suddenly sensed a crisis approaching and trembled!

Immediately following that, a vigorous tremor was emitted from the top of the inheritance tower!

The entire tower body shook vigorously and the tiles and rocks on the wall started to fall.

Huang Yueli stumbled and almost fell. Little Phoenix simply fell flat on the ground as it rolled to the side of the wall.

At this moment in time, those practitioners in South Sky Region and ordinary citizens saw this extremely shocking scene!

The clear blue sky was suddenly covered by a huge, fiery red cloud.

The color and luster of this cloud were dazzling, like a blazing flame that floated in mid-air.

Heaven and Earth Profound Qi were attracted by this fire cloud and started to gather around it.

Fiery red clouds also started to expand. It grew larger and even more beautiful, dissipating energy from its cloud layers. Even though it was just a little, but it was so powerful that it made people tremble and shake with fear.. They didn’t dare to lift their heads to look straight at it!