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Chapter 2815: Three God Relics (5)

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But Huang Yueli’s attitude was very firm.

He could only listen to her choice. Retrieving the Rainbow Silk Light Armor, he passed it to her.

She delightfully received it and flipped it around to take a closer look.

The materials and method of refining Spirit Armaments in God Realm were very different from the Lower Realm. Holding this protective vest in her hands, she could feel a burst of abundant Profound Qi. It even felt cool to the touch.

As she was pressed for time, she had no time to securitize it carefully and quickly put it on.

This clothing looked very soft as though it had no shape at all. But it could automatically adjust its size. After she put it on, she felt that it was very sitting and it did not hinder her movements at all.

Huang Yueli nodded satisfactorily and turned to ask Huang Zixiao. “Senior Huang, earlier you said that you have another reward for me? What is it? Quickly bring it out! I already spent a lot of time earlier and I feel that my heavenly tribulation is about to descend very soon…”

Huang Zixiao was speechless as he dissed silently about who was the one wasting time!

If it wasn’t for this young lass who kept asking about things and also picked a lousy Spirit Armament, he might have already finished awarding the reward earlier!

But Huang Zixiao didn’t spend any time lecturing her. He said, “There are two kinds of reward next.”

He waved his hand and two balls of light appeared in mid-air. One of them was a book while the other was something like a porcelain bottle

Huang Zixiao first passed the book to her and said, “This is one of Sacred Phoenix Race’s valuable top rated Profound Skills <> and it is an extremely powerful attack profound skill. It could instantly double up the fire attributed Profound Energy in your body and also invoke astonishing power! If you use it properly, you might even be able to instantly kill opponents of similar strength! But this Profound Skill can only be cultivated after comprehending fourth stage conception. Those practitioners who take part in the refinement basically can’t use it. You’re the only one who can.”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up upon hearing his introduction. She quickly took the <> cultivation manual and casually flipped through it. “That’s great! I was just feeling that my attack power isn’t enough. With this Profound Skill, it can fill in the gap!”

Every time she saw Li Moying making his move, that indestructible power made her feel that she was as weak as a kitten…

Now that she had obtained a god grade attack profound skill, she would definitely show off to Li Moying when she reached God Realm!

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up and she suddenly thought of something. “That’s right, Senior Huang, earlier there were three choices to pick from the high grade Spirit Armaments but why is there only one profound skill book? Could it be that there are no other choices?”

Huang Yueli lifted his chin and looked down on her, “Originally, there were indeed three books to choose from…”

Huang Yueli asked curiously, “Then where are the other two books?”

She was very satisfied with this <>, but she wanted to know if the other choices were better.

Huang Zixiao snorted coldly, “Based on the fact that you have no foresight and no common sense, you totally can’t differentiate the value of Spirit Artifacts and cultivation methods, so I made the choice for you! That’s in case you pick useless stuff again!”

“Ughh…” Huang Yueli was dumbstruck as she had nothing to retort.

He seemed to be despising her again…