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Chapter 2814: Three God Relics (3)

When Huang Yueli made her choice, she thought Huang Zixiao would immediately pass the Rainbow Silk Light Armor to her.

Whoever knew, she waited for a while but didn’t receive anything.

Huang Yueli turned around and looked at him curiously, only to find that he had a bitter look and was deep in thoughts. “Senior Huang, what’s the matter? Can’t I choose this protective vest?”

Huang Zixiao hesitated for a moment and asked, “Are you sure you want to pick this Rainbow Silk Light Armor?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said decisively, “I’m sure!”

He thought for a moment and said, “Originally I shouldn’t be guiding you to make your choice. But you’re a rare god grade genius in our clan and letting you pick a high grade Spirit Armament is already an unfair treatment. I can’t let you take a disadvantage…”

Saying that, he pointed to the Jadeite Stream Bracelet on the right and said, “I suggest for you to choose this Jadeite Stream Bracelet!”

Huang Yueli blinked and asked, “…oh? Why?”

Huang Zixiao said, “You’ve used space Profound Armaments in the past and you should know that in spatial Profound Artifacts, you can only store dead animals. It’s impossible to put in livestock, not to mention growing medicinal plants. However, the Jadeite Stream Jade is one of the rare items which can store livestock and rare treasures! Don’t belittle this Jadeite Stream Bracelet. You can harvest medicinal farms in it and the space is an entire half-hectare! In God Realm, even Heart Profound Realm practitioners will plunder for this! As for the Rainbow Silk Light Armor that you picked, it is a high quality Spirit Armament but it is only a protective vest after all…”

Huang Zixiao’s meaning was very obvious. The Jadeite Stream Bracelet was a rare treasure that couldn’t be found easily.

Although the three Spirit Armament grades were the same, the degree of rarity was different.

Huang Yueli looked at him gratefully after she heard his explanation.

This inheritance tower’s tower spirit Senior had always treated her well. Not only did he help her train Little Phoenix, he even told her the key point in selecting Spirit Armaments.

Alas, she had no interest in that Jadeite Stream Bracelet at all.

It was merely half a hectare. She would only be able to plant a few stalks of medicinal herbs in such a small space.

Huang Yueli already owned the Sky Phoenix Ring. Ever since she managed to refine it successfully, the space inside had broadened by ten times its original size. The end of the field could not be seen in one look!

She had already planted plenty of medicinal herbs inside so towards the other spaces, she wasn’t interested in it at all.

In comparison, Huang Yueli felt that the Rainbow Silk Light Armor was much more practical in use.

After all, she was about to go through the heavenly tribulation…

She thought in that way but was still rather alert and did not mention the Sky Phoenix Ring at all. She only gave a brief explanation to Huang Zixiao, “Senior Huang, my choice remains the same! I’m going to go through the heavenly tribulation shortly and when I reach God Realm, I will meet even more top exponents. For safety sake, I think it’s better to pick the protective vest.”

“You…!” Huang Zixiao stared at her but was speechless.

He had already said it so clearly but this lass still chose the protective vest!

No matter how good the protective best was, it was merely used for defense!

Once her ability was raised, this low grade protective vest would be phased out, unlike the spatial Spirit Armament, Jadeite Stream Bracelet which could plant medicinal herbs. It would last forever!

Young people were indeed short-sighted and always refused to listen to advice!

“Young lass, you will definitely regret choosing the Rainbow Silk Light Armor in the future!” He tried to persuade her once more..