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Chapter 2813: Three God Relics (3)

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Huang Zixiao originally wanted to hold her in suspense, but seeing that her tribulation clouds were already congealing, he could only abandon this idea because there was not much time left.

He explained, “The most incredible God Relic is also called Holy Armament. Holy Armaments are true God Relics which could communicate with spirits. Those armaments are practically indestructible and immortal! Holy Armaments aren’t just refined based on the Armament Master’s skills. Only Life Profound Realm top exponents can refine it successfully using their inherent fated blood essence! Each Life Profound Realm practitioner would at most refine one piece in their entire lifetime. Moreover, with the birth of each Holy Armament, it will cause a bloody storm in the entire God Realm…”

Huang Zixiao seemed to have thought about something and a complicated look appeared on his face.

But he quickly regained his senses and swiftly said, “Anyway, Holy Armaments are very far away from everyone so stop thinking about this first. Let’s talk about Spirit and Treasure Armaments, those are also split up into five grades. Taking Spirit Armament as an example, it is split up into standard grade Spirit Armament, low grade Spirit Armament, mid grade Spirit Armament, high grade Spirit Armament, and supreme grade Spirit Armament! It’s the same for Treasure Armaments! The difficulty of refining various God Relic increases with the different grades. You can slowly find out once you reach God Realm.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head obediently to express that she understood what he said.

Huang Zixiao pointed to the three God Relics which were floating in mid-air again.

“These three items are all high grade Spirit Armaments which had been refined by experienced Armament Masters in God Realm. Each piece is a tenth stage realm practitioner’s dream weapon! You can pick one from the three!”

Huang Yueli was originally very excited but she immediately became disappointed when she heard what he said.

“What? These are merely high grade Spirit Armaments? Moreover, I can only pick one?” She couldn’t help but shout in surprise.

Hearing him exaggerate about this, she assumed that the inheritance tower’s reward would at least be a Treasure Armament or something similar…

Huang Zixiao’s lips twitched. This lass… she’s really could infuriate someone without any qualms!

Every passing moment talking to her might result in a serious agitation!

It took him a long time before he managed to suppress his rampant impulse. He said dryly, “The best Profund Armament in the inheritance tower is high grade Spirit Armament! In God Realm, only the clan Elders’ direct disciples can obtain one! Of course, you’re a god grade genius so there will be a lot of resources waiting for you in the clan. So now, you can only make do with this!”

Saying that he casually introduced the three God Relics.

“The first item is the Lutetium Silver Dagger. It is refined using God Realm’s rare material, silver Lutetium ore, and a fire-attributed array is engraved on its surface. It can drastically increase fire attributed Profound Skills and attack power!”

“The second item is the Rainbow Silk Light Armor and is weaved with God Realm’s magical beast’s Thousand Rainbow Silk threads. It can increase your defense dramatically. One would be able to last for five breaths under the attack of a Dao Profound Realm practitioner!”

The third piece is the Jadeite Stream Bracelet. This is refined with top quality Cobalt Stream Jade and is an extremely rare spatial Spirit Armament! One can plant half hectares of spiritual grass inside the jade bracelet!”

After Huang Zixiao was done with the introductions, he looked at Huang Yueli and said, “Alright, you’d better hurry up and choose one of these! Following this, there is another reward.”

When she heard that there was another reward, she immediately got excited.

Lifting her head, she looked at the three God Relics enveloped in the flowing lights and very quickly made her choice.

She pointed to the Rainbow Silk Light Armor in the middle and said, “I’ll take that protective vest then!”