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Chapter 2812: Three God Relics (2)

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Huang Yueli was an expert in the research of Profound Armaments so she could tell from one glance that these three Profound Armaments were all exceptional treasures!

Even though based on her current armament refining standard, she might not be able to see through the depth and true power of these three Profound Armaments.

But thinking of how powerful the Sacred Phoenix Race was, it was an epiphany for Huang Yueli.

“These three items… could it be the legendary God Relics?”

Huang Zixiao’s lips curled into a smile and he said, “God Relic? According to Soaring Heavens Continent’s Profound Armament tier standard, these high tiered Profound Armaments from God Realm can indeed be termed as “God Relic”. But in God Realm, these god relics are segregated into different tiers!”

This piqued Huang Yueli’s curiosity greatly. The Armament Master immediately asked, “May I ask Senior Huang, how are the God Relic’s tiers segregated?”

Huang Zixiao didn’t keep her in suspense and immediately gave a brief explanation. “First to ninth tiered Profound Armaments in the Lower Realm is also called Profound Armaments in God Realm. The higher tiered ones, those in-between ordinary Profound Armaments and God Relic are termed as Half-god relics in the Lower Realm. But in God Realm, we call them Supreme Profound Armaments.”

Huang Yueli blinked and recalled the Amethyst Light Sword which she gave Li Moying previously.

They had always assumed that the sword was a half-god relic. In the end, it was even destroyed when Li Moying was trying to cross the heavenly tribulation. She did not expect it to only be termed as Supreme Profound Armaments in God Realm.

Supreme Profound Armament and God Relic sounded almost the same, but the existence of it was the difference between a Profound Armament and God Relic. For an expert like Huang Yueli, she could acutely tell the difference between these two items.

Half-god relic meant that this treasure was already very close to God Relic. It was only short of a little more work. But the name Supreme Profound Armament meant that it was essentially still a Profound Armament. The gap between it to becoming a God Relic was a few thousand miles away!

Having thought through this point, Huang Yueli grew even more curious.

Don’t assume that she was already the Number One Armament Master in Soaring Heavens Continent and that was already an incredible feat. If one were to ask her to refine a Supreme Profound Armament like the Amethyst Light Sword, she didn’t have the confidence to refine it at all!

That even higher tiered, genuine God Relic was naturally an existence that she couldn’t hope to attain.

“Looks like God Realm doesn’t only have higher intensity Heaven and Earth Profound Qi. The other skills are something that the Lower Realm cannot compare with…”

She sighed and looked forward to heading to God Realm to pick up this knowledge; the method of refining a genuine God Relic! It would definitely be a beautiful and mysterious art!

Huang Zixiao gave a soft harrumph. “That’s of course. All the genuine geniuses from the Lower Realm have all gathered in God Realm. Moreover, there are several hundred thousand years of inheritances. No matter in which aspect, they could deal with the Lower Realm with an instant kill!”

“Now, let’s talk about this God Relic. Above the Supreme Profound Armaments are the God Relics. The lowest tier is called the Spirit Armament. Those disciples in God Realm’s large clans would be able to collect their own Spirit Armament once they advance to the tenth stage realm. A slightly higher tier than that would be Treasure Armament. A Treasure Armament is extremely expensive, and ordinary practitioners totally cannot afford to use it. Even some Heart Profound Realm practitioners might not be able to afford it! As for those Armament Masters who could refine Treasure Armaments are known as Heavenly Treasure Armament Grandmasters, and their statuses are extremely noble. However, these are not the most incredible ones…”

Huang Zixiao paused when he said to this point.

Huang Yueli was totally absorbed in this conversation.. On seeing that he had stopped, she immediately urged, “What else? What else is there? What’s more incredible than God Relics?”