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Chapter 2811: Three God Relics (1)

Huang Zixiao wasn’t as optimistic as she was.

After all, this was his first time meeting a god grade genius. So he had no intuitive grasp of their power.

Frowning, he said, “Luckily the tenth stage tribulation cloud’s gathering time takes much longer than ordinary tribulation clouds. We must catch hold of time quickly to get you prepared. First of all, let me pass the third stage refinement reward to you.”

“Yay, there’s a reward!” Huang Yueli’s heart jumped with joy!

She had already forgotten about the reward because the number of benefits that she had got from the <> was already a handful!

She originally thought that comprehending the conceptions in the drawing was the reward itself. So she did not expect there to be any other rewards.

Huang Yueli excitedly urged, “Reward! What reward is it? The last time I came to the inheritance tower, the reward for passing the second stage was to soak in the Phoenix Blood Pool and that upgraded my ability by a lot. Now that I’ve passed the third stage which is much more difficult than the previous, surely the reward would be much better right?”

Saying that her eyes opened wide as she looked at Huang Zixiao in anticipation.

He went into a blank on seeing her expression. It looked so pure and innocent and when it was paired with her gorgeous looks, he totally couldn’t tell that she was a peerless genius with such abnormal innate talent!

But after her words sunk in, Huang Zixiao’s lips couldn’t help but twitch.

The last time Huang Yueli soaked in the Phoenix Blood Pool, the phoenix blood had reduced by a great deal for no particular reason!

Originally, after so many thousands of years, the inheritance tower’s phoenix blood had diminished by less than 10%. However, after she soaked in it, it reduced by 30%!

Back then, Huang Zixiao couldn’t understand the reason for it. Now that he got reminded of this incident, could it be that god grade geniuses’ physique was too valiant, hence they needed to consume so much phoenix blood to transform their bodies?

“This… speaking of phoenix blood…”

Hearing him hesitating with a pained expression if he should broach on this topic or not, Huang Yueli suddenly recalled that she had previously used the Sky Phoenix Ring to steal a large amount of phoenix blood and her heart thumped hard!

She almost forgot about the misdeed that she had committed. Why did she even bring this up?

Luckily, Huang Zixiao had not anticipated that she would have such a special tiered God Relic like the Sky Phoenix Ring on her, and he did not examine the items that she had. Therefore he totally was not aware that he had been duped by this young lass.

He paused and said, “Although phoenix blood has an exceptional effect to change a practitioner’s physique, you’ve already soaked in it once so the effect isn’t that obvious. Moreover, there’s not enough time so I’d better give you some other rewards which is much better than phoenix blood!”

Huang Yueli was already sick of soaking in phoenix blood so she hastily nodded and said, “Yes, I also think so too!”

Huang Zixiao nodded his head and lifted his right hand, waving it lightly in the air.

The next moment, three different Profound Armaments which were individually enveloped in a hazy glow of light appeared in mid-air.

Huang Yueli instantly turned her head to take a look.

Following that, her ace revealed an unconcealable gasp of surprise!

Three Profound Armaments appeared in front of her. The first was an exceptionally sharp dagger, the second was a delicate light armor and the last item was a lush green jade bracelet.

These three Profound Armaments were different, but they shared something in common. All of it was subtle but the power of the cold light contained in it slowly emitted from the inside..